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Survey: overestimates and misjudgements on sustainable living

In a representative survey, consumer organizations from 14 countries asked consumers about their consumption behavior and their assessment of their behavior in relation to sustainability. The Austrians were particularly self-confident:

The 1011 respondents considered their consumption behavior to be particularly sustainable and thus took the top spot in terms of self-assessment. "However, your assessment of which behaviors are particularly valuable as a contribution to sustainability deviates significantly from the opinion of the group of experts," says a VKI broadcast.

In detail: “While Austrian consumers assigned the greatest importance to waste management out of the five subject areas (nutrition, mobility, energy, waste and buying behavior), experts see nutrition – in particular a reduction in meat consumption – as the most important point for sustainable consumer behavior on. The topic of mobility and travel also ranks last among the consumers surveyed, while this is seen as the second most relevant topic by experts.”

In general, it can be seen that measures that can be “easily implemented without much additional effort and cheaply, such as waste separation”, are often classified as very sustainable. "When asked about obstacles to sustainable behavior, most consumers answered that the costs were too high. But a lack of options – for example for products, services and travel – as well as a lack of infrastructure or information were also mentioned as key hurdles,” according to the VKI.

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