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Study: Austrian population is "happy and satisfied"

For the third time in a row, an insurance company has surveyed the 'LIVING VALUE Index' of the Austrian population. As part of a representative study, 1.049 people nationwide were asked what makes their life worth living and how important financial security is.

“Despite the pandemic, people in Austria are very happy and satisfied. The LIVING VALUE index for 2021 remained almost unchanged at 7,36 on a scale from zero to ten - in 2020 it was 7,49. 14 percent of Austrians even feel that their life is 'very' worth living," says the broadcast. 

No big surprise: for people with a net household income of more than 2.000 euros, the 'value of life' is above average. However, as in previous years, the most important factors for happiness were “family” (53%) and “health” (46%). According to the survey, “friends” followed with 28 percent, followed by “financial security” and “own four walls” with 25 percent approval each. 52 percent of those surveyed responded to the importance of financial security for a life worth living with the highest scale values ​​of 9 and 10. "On average, this results in a LIVING VALUE index of 8,32 for the factor 'financial security'", is another result of the study commissioned by HDI Lebensversicherung AG.

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