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smavi – the smart business cards from Tyrol

The innovative start-up smavi, based in the heart of Tyrol, is ushering in a new era of networking in Austria with its invention, the smaviCase. With their unique smartphone case, which is made from agricultural waste and is biodegradable, the two founders Victoria Gschneller and Alexander Bliem present a digital innovation with which they also take on and live ecological responsibility. The smaviCase is equipped with an integrated NFC chip and enables the exchange of digital business cards with a simple touch - “efficient, environmentally friendly and absolutely future-oriented,” is how Victoria Gschneller sums up the advantages of the new smartphone case. Conventional business cards, which usually end up in the round tray after being exchanged and have to be laboriously produced, are now a thing of the past.

A statement for sustainable networking
In this way, the two smavi founders turn the important first meeting of business people into a refreshing and modern happening that can also take place in an environmentally conscious way - without any paper waste. The approach of the smavi founders: The combination of technological innovation with a strong commitment to climate protection. “'smavi – the smart way of networking' is not just a slogan, but a promise for an environmentally conscious and networked future,” say Victoria Gschnitzer and Alexander Bliem. “The smaviCase is more than just a cell phone case. It is a statement for sustainable networking and an investment in the future,” emphasizes Alexander Bliem.

All smaviCase customers also support reforestation projects in Austria with their purchase, as a portion of the proceeds are used directly for this purpose. “It is important to mention that with the case you can share your data unlimitedly with all modern smartphones, even if the other person does not have a smaviCase. All you need to transfer data is an NFC-enabled smartphone,” explains Victoria Gschneller.

Mobile app included...
In addition to the core product, the smaviCase, the young Tyrolean company also provides a free mobile app that users can use to personalize, organize and share their digital business card. “No matter the name,

Job title, photo, logo, social media links, website or even a file, everything can be added here,” Alexander Bliem goes into detail. “With the app, contacts can no longer be forgotten or lost, as you can easily find them again using the search function with location, job title or company.” The smavi masterminds also have additional functions and features for the app on the agenda in order to continuously optimize it .

Where to buy the smaviCase
smavi is launching with case variants for all iPhone and selected Samsung models, which are available in black, white and blue. The mobile phone case is currently available in the webshop at and in a local regional shop. In addition, Victoria Gschnitzer and Alexander Bliem are also working on expanding the sales network, so that more online and offline retailers will follow soon.

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