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SHOPPING IN CONVERSION PART II: From Windows shopping to real buying

You are strolling through a shopping street or mall late at night. In a display you can see the item of clothing that you have been looking for for a long time in exactly the color that you have always wanted. But the next day it is already sold and also completely “out of stock”!

Or this scenario has a completely different end ... The same situation - the long-awaited good in the shop window - but you can first find out important information about the goods in question via the touchscreen directly on the shop window or with one or two clicks on your mobile phone AND get in touch with decide to buy at this moment, including free delivery! Without going back to the store and without possibly having missed the opportunity the next day.
How does that sound to you? Perfect!

The question is, what exactly would the innovative adaptation performance of the retail sector be, both to the benefit of the consumer and in spite of the pressure of the rapidly increasing online trade? What is described here shows that the display can become a sales area, which opens up purchase options and significantly increases the effectiveness of the advertising. The screens react individually and in real time on passing consumers who are outside the opening times particularly interested in products. Or even interactively For example: in that passers-by can take part in competitions, opinion polls etc. at any time and in between.
These and other possibilities just outlined are no longer a distant vision of the future, but have already been tested very successfully and are easier to implement than one might think!

 Already a reality: sofa-surfing shopping

For years, end consumers have been able to shop comfortably from the sofa outside of opening hours. This is no longer news. But to be able to do this directly in the familiar business premises! More and more people want direct online access to their favorite shop and the range of goods there, in order to find out product specifics and still shop conveniently from home. The nice thing about it is, in contrast to the common online shops or platforms such as Amazon & Co: you know exactly who sells the goods, know the quality of the goods from experience and also know the retailers personally. If shipping and reimbursement is too time-consuming and complicated for smaller shops, the goods have already been purchased or at least reserved. The loyal regular buyers can, for example, pick up the item bought in peace the day after. Especially these days and many small shops have recognized this opportunity and set up online shops.

The "Kombi" is the solution 

“Online” has been booming for several years, but using new technologies “in-store” is still uncharted territory for many. In the Concept Store Vienna directly on Mariahilfer Straße 66, which was operated very successfully by the CU2014 team from 2018 to 2, domestic and international brands were able to use existing technologies "in-store and" out-store "and new digital interaction options, for example Test it out via (touch) screens. With the store in the middle of Vienna's MaHü, these trend-setting ideas showed that the combination of off- and online shopping through the use of digital technology can put brands and retailers ahead in terms of shopping experience.
Because, as already described in Part 1, the classic shopping spree and leisurely strolling from shop to shop in a good mood should and can continue to be a special leisure experience. Especially when businesses and their operators rethink and manage to offer online options in direct connection with the business premises in parallel to personal service - ideally also outside the permitted opening times.

By Norbert Kraus, Creative Director @ CU2 creative agency 

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SHOPPING IN CONVERSION PART II: From Windows shopping to real buying

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