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Sex trend: Pornification of sex brought less sex

Sex trend: Pornification of sex brought less sex

"Bitch" is nowadays also to be understood as a cheeky expression of friendship. "Sissy" no longer has to do exclusively with the Austrian monarch, but is the term for submissive people who learn to take on the "traditionally female sex roles" during sissy training. - The Internet and its porn sites have been sawing classic sexual behavior for decades - and, given the non-existent entry barriers, has had an impact at a very young age. A real sex trend.

"The supply definitely determines demand: What we see regularly shapes what turns us on. In the worst case, real sex no longer turns on porn consumers - people behave too differently in real life, the difference in appearance is too strong, human smells and noises are too unfamiliar, ”says Lena Papasabbas from Zukunftsinstitut about the current sex trend

Reality and porn fantasies have long crashed into each other, there are hardly any taboos anymore. The Internet is setting the sex trend. Women who are supposed to delight their porn-loving partners with what was a little too many adult films a few decades ago are particularly affected. Papasabbas: “The presence of sexualized violence in a society depends heavily on its cultural values, norms and taboos. There is a direct connection between violence and stigma around sexuality: Societies that explicitly want sexual self-determination for women and teenagers are more peaceful.

In Europe, on the other hand, every third woman experiences violence on average, and one in ten is the victim of sexual violence. Other, random surveys on sexual harassment even come to 100 percent. ”By the way: the law that made rape in marriage a crime only came into force on 1997 (Germany) and 1998 (Austria), just over 20 years ago Years.

Sex Trend I: The future of sex is becoming more human again

But, as the Zukunftsinstitut predicts: “The infinite variety of possibilities not only leads to more experimentation in living out different sexual variations, fantasies and inclinations. But above all to question the applicable standards. Performance thinking, sexism and ideals of beauty are increasingly being questioned and deconstructed for their function in the capitalist economic system. This also leads to a return to the essential: the prehuman need for closeness and intimacy. "

Sex Trend II: Or virtually in the middle of it?

At the same time, however, one could argue, virtual reality is on the verge of a breakthrough. And like the Internet, this brings the next level of pornography, as a voyeur in the middle. In the meantime, the new VR glasses do not need any cables and will soon invite you to virtual dates with real people, but in digital bodies that even cosmetic surgery cannot do better.

Digitization has further effects on sexuality.

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Written by Helmut Melzer

As a long-time journalist, I asked myself what would actually make sense from a journalistic point of view. You can see my answer here: Option. Showing alternatives in an idealistic way - for positive developments in our society.

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