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Scalp Problems: Causes and Solutions

It burns, it itches, it tense, it flakes ... who doesn't know that? The skin is our largest and also a very sensitive organ. So it is not surprising that many people are plagued by scalp problems.

Scalp problems
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In addition to the classic scalp diseases that a dermatologist can diagnose, such as scalp fungus, pediculosis, seborrheic dermatitis, neurodermatitis or psoriasis, there are a number of diffuse symptoms that cannot be clearly assigned at first glance: The most common are itching, burning, feeling of tension or dandruff.

What are the causes of scalp problems?

The skin is the mirror of the soul. In the embryonic phase, the nerve tissue and the skin, including the hair follicles, arise from the same tissue. That explains why we react with goose bumps or red ears. Skin and nerves are closely related. It is therefore worthwhile to take a closer look at scalp problems as well, such as the personal stress level, or whether there is something stressful that needs to be solved or changed.

Come on as another possible cause of scalp problems Irritation and allergies in question. These can arise, for example, from the use of chemical hair dyes or from washing your hair too often with conventional shampoos. These usually contain 20% petrochemical surfactants, as well as preservatives, thickeners, silicones or substitutes, refatting agents, emulsifiers and fragrances.

None of this is suitable for our skin or our hair: the pores clog and moisture can no longer be absorbed. The scalp tries to get rid of the deposits by peeling. In addition to using the wrong shampoos, washing your hair too often is also harmful to the scalp: It dries out because the natural sebum production no longer takes place. The protective acid mantle of the skin is weakened. As a result, the skin becomes less elastic, making it more susceptible to small cracks in which bacteria and fungi can accumulate.

But also one Overacidification of the body can lead to scalp problems, which in this case often result in hair loss: by too much white flour products, animal fats, sugar and alcohol, and too little exercise and sleep, we lose our acid-base balance. To counteract acidification, the body makes use of its own mineral reservoir. These important minerals are then missing elsewhere, which can weaken the hair roots.

It is also known that we detoxify our body through the scalp, especially at night. These substances need to be transported away, and support is needed for this. Too much poison can be recognized by the fact that the scalp is restricted in its mobility and can no longer be "moved" with the fingers.

This can help with scalp problems

First of all, we recommend Naturfrisör from Haarmonie Wash your hair less often with shampoo. It would be a relief for the scalp to reduce the cycle to once a week. This can be achieved with daily brushing and surfactant-free intermediate washes.

By daily brushing with the HERBANIMA Detoxifying brush made from pure wild boar bristles, the scalp is not only freed from harmful salts and waste products, but also the straightening muscles are strengthened and excess skin particles are removed. 100 brush strokes a day are considered a relief for scalp problems and the key to beautiful, shiny hair.

Who completely do without surfactants would like to use Ayurvedic hair wash or mineral or lava earth. With the green healing earth, which is mixed with different herbal mixtures, as required, they help the scalp to detoxify. In order to regulate the pH value of the skin again after washing, the wine fruit acid rinse ensures a relaxed scalp.
In order to provide support from within, our base power mix can help as a comprehensive supplier of vital substances and acidity regulator.

With our natural tinctures, herbal oils and herbal rinses, we also have the right solutions ready depending on the symptoms of the scalp. We would be happy to advise you personally in one of our Haarmonie natural hairdressing salons and help you achieve a scalp that can breathe easily again in a very natural way! You can find our locations at

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Photo / Video: Hairstyle natural hairstylist.

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Written by Hairstyle natural hairstylist

HAARMONIE Naturfrisor 1985 was founded by the pioneering brothers Ullrich Untermaurer and Ingo Vallé, making it the first natural hairdressing brand in Europe.

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