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Shop safely online thanks to artificial intelligence

Online fake shops are becoming more and more professional and increasingly difficult to identify as such. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications (ÖIAT) and X-Net Services now have one Fake Shop Detector designed to protect consumers from fraud.

This is how the 2-stage security check works

The program checks every website accessed in two steps: First, it scans a database that contains both legitimate and fraudulent online shops. According to the developers, the program currently knows more than 10.000 fake shops and over 25.000 trustworthy online retailers in the DACH region.  

"If the online shop is unknown, artificial intelligence is used in the second step. It checks in real time whether there are any similarities with known fake shops. A total of 21.000 features (including the structure of the website or comments in the source code) are taken into account, from the combination of which the fake shop detector derives its recommendations. Great importance is attached to compliance with all applicable data protection regulations, ”said those responsible.

After one Traffic light system the Detector shows the result of its analysis. A red symbol warns of known fake shops and the suspicious shops recognized by artificial intelligence. The broadcast states: “In addition to the fake shops, there are increasing consumer complaints about online shops that send defective goods and do not allow returns. The plugin warns of these shops with a yellow symbol. In this case, users are encouraged to take a close look at online shops they are not familiar with using tips. This also applies if the real-time analysis of the artificial intelligence cannot make a clear recommendation. "

The program is still in the test phase. All online shoppers are called to the Beta version to use and thus to help improve the database.

Further information and free download of the beta version of the Fake Shop Detector: 

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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