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Reuse instead of throwing away: new drop-off boxes in Lower Austria

Objects such as children's toys, bicycles, sports equipment or even smaller pieces of furniture can now be handed in at selected waste collection and recycling centers in Lower Austria in the marked "as-good-as-new BOX". After the goods have been checked for their functionality and processed, they are then available for sale again at ten locations of the soogut social markets in Lower Austria.

In the pilot phase, these environmental organizations are taking part in the campaign:

  • Amstetten
  • Bruck ad Leitha 
  • Hollabrunn 
  • Dairy 
  • mistletoe stream 
  • Neunkirchen
  • Scheibbs
  • St. Polten Land
  • Magistrate of St. Pölten 

The expansion to other parts in Lower Austria is planned. The managing director of the soogut social markets, Wolfgang Brillmann, explains: “In addition to saving food, a second-hand area is also integrated in the markets. This is now constantly being expanded to include the goods from the 'as good as new BOX'. We look forward to providing our customers with a constantly growing range.” 

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Written by Karin Bornett

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