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Research: Mushrooms for sustainable coatings and paints

Many fungi and bacteria are able to produce a wide range of colors as secondary metabolites. Such microbially produced, organic pigments are already widely used in the food and textile industries. "In the paint and coatings industry, they do not yet play a significant role due to the high requirements, especially with regard to stability," according to the research network ACR – Austrian Cooperative Research.

But that should change soon. the Wood Research Austria In the "ColorProtect" research project, he is working on isolating pigments produced by fungi and incorporating them in glaze coatings. The aim of this research work is to replace synthetic pigments in paints that have been used up to now and thus to contribute to a sustainable development in the paint sector.

You are already in your third year of research. "The challenge in the current 3rd year of research is to generate reproducible results in terms of pigment quality and color stability in paints and ultimately to obtain a coating colored as desired with sufficient UV stability," said the responsible scientists. 

Photo: Holzforschung Austria

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