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Readly: magazine sustainability

Working with Ethos National, Readly has one Study published on the climate impact of digital reading. Even in the annual Business report became the topic for the first time Sustainability recorded and shown how Readly implements the sustainability concept:

Responsible sustainability

A fast-growing company like Readly, with 33% subscriber growth in the last year alone, has to show its colors. The company closely links its sustainability ambitions with its core business. “When we grow as a company, be it in terms of subscribers, readership, content or employees, we also strengthen our opportunities to make a positive impact. As a first step, we included our ambitions in our assessment. During this year we will continue to develop our sustainability strategy, goals and plan based on these results, ”says Maria Hedengren, CEO of Readly.

Quantity and quality

The sustainability report also looks at how Readly is meeting people's needs for knowledge, inspiration and entertainment. The app's subscribers consume an average of 13 different magazine titles per month - a figure that shows that Readly is helping to discover new titles through its product and content development and the way it engages with users . "We are proud that consumers have access to so many titles that they can read from trustworthy sources on our platform in a climate-friendly manner," said Hedengren.

Human value-driven leadership

For Maria Hedengren, “daily business sustainability” also includes something completely different, namely corporate culture. The Swedish company is represented in 11 countries and has offices in Sweden, Germany and the UK. Hedengren sees human value-driven leadership as an essential part of leading its global team of more than 100 employees. "We believe that the private person and the person at work are one and the same and that we as managers have to see and classify this - for the employees and for the company."

About Readly

readly is a media app that gives unlimited access to 5.000 national and international magazines and newspapers. The company was founded by Joel Wikell in Sweden in 2012 and is now one of the leading European platforms for digital reading with users in 50 markets. In cooperation with around 900 publishers worldwide, Readly is digitizing the magazine industry and wants to carry the magic of magazines into the future. In 2020, a total of more than 140.000 magazine issues were made available on the platform, which were read 99 million times.

Written by Tommi

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