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qualityaustria heart project: 10.000 euros go to the Viennese women's shelters

Quality Austria has initiated a new non-profit campaign called "Heart Project", with which the company is now making an annual donation of 10.000 euros available for socially sustainable projects - the recipient of the donation will be selected by the current winner of the State Prize for Corporate Quality. As the winner of the State Prize for Corporate Quality 2022, the FH Campus Wien was able to decide on the use of the funds for the first time: the choice fell on the Association of Vienna Women's Shelters. 

For Quality Austria, socially sustainable action is not only a matter of the heart, but also part of excellent corporate quality. For this reason, Quality Austria launched the "heart project" this year, in which the respective state prize winner can decide on a donation of 10.000 euros to a recognized aid organization that has been awarded the donation seal of approval. The money for this is provided by Quality Austria. The FH Campus Wien won the State Prize for Corporate Quality this year and has now selected the Vienna Women's Shelters Association as the recipient of the donation.

FH Campus Wien focuses on the advancement of women

Horst Rode, Managing Director and CFO of the FH Campus Wien, is convinced that he made the right choice: “We chose the Vienna Women’s Shelters Association as the recipient of the qualityaustria heart project. The FH Campus Wien itself is very keen to promote women in a wide variety of projects and initiatives and to support them in their goals in the long term. In this way, we strengthen gender and diversity skills among teachers, employees and students with targeted individual measures. We are also developing a diversity strategy for the entire university. The choice of the recipient of the donation therefore also corresponds to our own philosophy.”

Valuable support for Viennese women's shelters

When the check was handed over, the deputy managing director of the Vienna Women's Shelters Association, Susanne Deutsch, was pleased that the decision had been made in favor of her organization: "In times when inflation and with it all the costs of living are rising, we are of course all the more pleased to accept an unexpected donation. As a result, we can directly improve the situation of women in need.” As of November 1978, the association, which was founded in 2022, is already operating five women’s shelters in which abused and threatened women find protection. There is also an outpatient advice center where anonymous and free help is offered.

Quality Austria initiated heart project

The two managing directors of Quality Austria justify the innovative award modality of the newly created "Heart Project" as follows: "There are numerous projects worthy of support - and unfortunately we cannot support all of them. That's why we thought: Who can decide better how the funds are used than a state prize winner?" says Christoph Mondl, who manages Quality Austria's business together with Werner Paar. Paar explained the motives for the social commitment: “For Quality Austria, socially sustainable corporate management is not only a matter of the heart, but is now also a basic component of many standards and the EFQM model, which is used to evaluate corporate quality. With our initiative, we want to draw even more attention to this.”

In the coming year, the winner of the State Prize for Corporate Quality will again be able to decide whether Quality Austria will award 10.000 euros to his "heart project". More information on the "heart project" of Quality Austria:

Photo ©Quality Austria
Presentation of the symbolic check in the amount of 10.000 euros to the Vienna Women's Shelters from left: Mag. Christoph Mondl (CEO Quality Austria), Ing. Mag. Horst Rode (Managing Director, CFO FH Campus Vienna), Susanne Deutsch (Deputy Managing Director Association of Vienna Women's Shelters) , FH Prof. Dipl.-Ing. dr monthly Heimo Sandtner (Academic Director and Rector FH Campus Wien), FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Haslinger-Baumann (Vice Rector for Research and Development FH Campus Wien), Mag. Werner Paar (CEO Quality Austria) 


Quality Austria – Training, Certification and Assessment GmbH is the leading Austrian authority for System and product certifications, Assessments and validations, Assessments, Training and personal certification as well as for that Austria quality mark. The basis for this are globally valid accreditations and international approvals. In addition, since 1996 the company has been awarding the State award for company quality. As the national market leader for Integrated management system to ensure and increase corporate quality, Quality Austria is the driving force behind Austria as a business location and stands for “success with quality”. It cooperates worldwide with approx 50 organizations and actively works in standards bodies as well as international networks with (EOQ, IQNet, EFQM etc.). More than 10.000 customers in short passes 30 countries and more than 6.000 training participants per year benefit from the many years of expertise of the international company.

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