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Psychotronics – mobile phone technology as a weapon

Thoughts are free….

... but are being manipulated more and more!

classic methods of manipulation

Dictators and potentates have always tried to manipulate public opinion in their favor. This is how people are repeatedly persuaded by the directed propaganda. the black is white and therefore good for them... - And if you do this often enough - as unchallenged as possible - then most people will begin to believe this at some point, as psychological research has shown, there is also a technical term for it - dialectics

Even in our "free" society, attempts have been and are made again and again for a wide variety of reasons to influence people's mental image. The means for this are the mass media, radio, TV, newspapers, the Internet. Media campaigns that only served to influence public opinion could and can be observed again and again. Even if you look at how advertising works, which actually only serves to get people to spend their money on nonsensical and superfluous products.

Influencing people by electromagnetic fields (EMF)

In the meantime, the possibilities offered by electromagnetic radiation are being researched and expanded more and more. Cellular signals straight. those with their base frequency due to their wavelength, which corresponds to the size of biological structures, are therefore unfortunately all too well received by these structures.

Man as a cyborg

But even the indirect "remote control" of people via smartphone is now being overtaken by technology. The RFID chips on many products, which are intended to help automate their logistics, are now available as ID chips the size of a grain of rice, which are implanted in the back of the hand and can be used to open doors or pay in supermarkets.

The implants have now gone so far that coin-sized chips that are implanted under the skullcap are intended to serve as an interface between the brain and the computer. In other words, communication between people and EDP without the previous "cumbersome interfaces" such as keyboards and the like are supposed to enable. Tesla founder Elon Musk is already successfully working with pigs in his “Neuralink” project. This means that soon it will probably also be tested on humans - the physiological similarity between pigs and humans is amazing... 

Our entire nervous system, and especially our brain, is very sensitive to electromagnetic influences from outside, since this is where most of the "bioelectricity" [is used. Such disturbances can have fatal consequences here. In particular, the digital pulsing of the mobile phone signal takes place at frequencies that correspond to our brain waves. (WLAN 10 HZ = alpha waves!) It is precisely these brain waves that are then massively changed by mobile communications. So what could be more obvious than to "use" precisely this "signal quality", with which a "door to the brain" can be opened, for manipulations? 

An insight into these possibilities was given on March 29.03.2020th, XNUMX in the crime scene "War in the Head". This was about the transformation of soldiers into combat machines, the "elimination" of critics and whistleblowers or the dismantling of people's credibility...

As early as 1971, Prof. Jose MR, Delgado showed in experiments with monkeys that highly aggressive lead monkeys can be transformed into peaceful creatures by means of electromagnetic impulses. Conversely, peaceful contemporaries could also be transformed into uninhibited killers in this way...

Microwaves as a weapon

As the Neue Züricher Zeitung reported on December 06.12.2020, 2016, around 40 embassy employees and family members from the USA and Canada in Cuba, China and Russia have been suffering from mysterious complaints since XNUMX: they heard loud noises and suffered from dizziness, headaches and blurred vision. Memory loss and other symptoms also occurred. Some recovered quickly, others had to be retired early. Because the diseases first appeared in Cuba, they are known as "Havana Syndrome".

As early as 1976, in the middle of the Cold War, the US embassy in Moscow was irradiated with microwaves, causing a number of employees to fall ill. And this at radiation levels that are well below what the population is expected to expect today. A routine search for bugs at the time brought this practice to light

Secret service insider unpacks:
Transmission masts - weapon systems or mobile communications infrastructure?

This video shows two things in particular:

  1. A functioning mobile phone coverage would be possible with significantly lower transmission power levels far below what is usual today! – One more indication that today’s limit values ​​only protect the interests of industry…
  2. Misuse of the existing transmission systems as psychotronic or even deadly weapons is possible at any time - with very serious consequences!!

Secret service insider grabs PSYCHOTRONIK ▶ weapon system or mobile infrastructure

WHAT ARE GWEN TOWERS? GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters, placed 200 miles apart in the US, allow specific frequencies to be adjusted to geomagnetic field strengths in each area, causing the magnetic field to be altered. They operate in the VLF range, with transmissions between VLF 150 and 175 kHz.

Microwaves & Sound Waves as Weapons: 
The new trend of the military

Whether laser, sound, radio or microwave - police and military have long since discovered the advantages of using invisible means to track down enemy opponents, keep them in check, disable them or even kill them. Although these new weapon systems are officially referred to as less lethal or non-lethal weapons. Investments in these areas far outshine civil or medical developments.


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Thoughts are free – but are being manipulated more and more!


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Written by George Vor

Since the topic of "damage caused by mobile communications" is officially hushed up, I would like to provide information about the risks of mobile data transmission using pulsed microwaves.
I would also like to explain the risks of uninhibited and unthinking digitization...
Please also visit the reference articles provided, new information is constantly being added there..."

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