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ProNawi data enables conscious ecological purchasing decisions

ProNawi data enables conscious ecological purchasing decisions

The first results of the research project ProNaWi, which is partially funded by the FFG, arrive just in time: Thanks to the development of a dynamic, scalable method and software for the ecological evaluation of commercial products, various stakeholders along the value chain can easily access reliable data. They enable consumers to make an “informed choice”.

Every product on the shelf needs human capital and natural resources - but the end consumers hardly find out about them. As part of the ProNaWi project - pro Sustainable Management - climate-relevant data is systematically collected so that as many products as possible can be provided with it. If all retail products were provided with this information, consumers could make a real ecologically motivated choice on the shelf.

CO2 equivalent or how harmful is a product to the climate?
Consumers can only determine to a very limited extent which products are more sustainable than others. Only credible seals of approval provide information about individual aspects of sustainability.

The CO2 backpack provides comprehensive information on how climate-damaging or climate-friendly the manufacture and transport of a product, including all its ingredients, are. In order to be able to take into account various climate-relevant emissions "in one", the CO2 backpack is measured in CO2 equivalents. The different global warming potentials are compared with those of CO2. For example, if a gas has an equivalent of 100, it has a hundred times more impact on our climate than carbon dioxide.

Automatic retrieval and valid projections
The scientists at ProNaWi have now developed a method of how it is relatively easy to bring together existing product information and extrapolate it to new products using similarity analyzes. ProNawi shows their CO2 equivalent and also how precise this value is. If the output values ​​change, these changes can be applied automatically.

Versatile fields of application
As a broad-based sustainability assessment system, ProNaWi can be used by a wide variety of stakeholders along the value chain, such as

  • for the sustainability labeling of products
  • for steering mechanisms and / or reward systems for ecological purchasing decisions
  • for the numerous CO2 trackers
  • for consumer counseling apps
  • for scientific projects
  • for monitoring and control mechanisms e.g. CO2 taxes etc.

Scalable and integrable in existing systems
The ProNaWi team paid attention to user-friendliness from the start. That is why users such as wholesalers and retailers as well as an Austrian POS system provider are part of the development team. In this way, the ProNaWi software can be integrated into existing merchandise management systems and scaled or adapted in terms of content depending on the needs of the user.

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