Cooking pleasure PUR III - Meaning & Sensibility | 20 instead of 33 Euro

The BIO HOTELS offer members of their new Cookbook “Kochlust PUR III - Sense & Sensibility” for 20, - instead of 33, - Euro.

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The cookbook of BIO HOTELS

From modern dishes characterized by precision and minimalism, to traditional tavern classics and regional specialties. Partly forgotten recipes from the family cookbooks of our organic chefs. Even the favorite dish of an old German prince is there. All in all, Kochlust PUR III shows an impressive variety and culinary performance of the BIO HOTELS and their kitchen teams.

The red thread in the book is the rope where everyone pulls together. Is cooked in the BIO HOTELS with passion and responsibility. We have given the new volume the subtitle “Sense & Sensibility” because that is exactly what is shown. The “sense” because the chefs stand behind the idea of ​​organic farming without any ifs or buts and because topics such as the ecological footprint, the reflective discussion about regionality and the use of old varieties and races are close to their hearts. And “sensuality” because they are all connoisseurs whose creativity and fantastic palate guarantee exceptional moments of pleasure. We have collected their recipes for Kochlust PUR III. We stood in 27 kitchens and looked the chefs in the pots. From the far north on the island of Juist to the sunny south, the Greek Mani, we have compiled and cooked 126 recipes. The result is a compendium of organic cuisine and a portrait of the people behind it.

In search of the taste of organic ...

... went to pleasure journalist Jürgen Schmücking, who had been the companion of the BIO HOTELS in terms of enjoyment and sensory all-rounder. As an editor, author and passionate food photographer, culinary art in all its forms is its passion. Always in search of new smells, taste sensations and unique moments, which he holds with camera and notepad, he has for three months a ramble through the BIO HOTELS daring and has returned with impressive experiences: "The people. The kitchens. Hands. The light in the eyes when they brought me their plates. Lust for cooking PUR III was my most exciting project this year. What am I talking about? It was the most exciting project of my life. "

Cooking pleasure PUR III - meaning and sensuality, published on 14. March 2018 self-published

Cooking pleasure PUR III - meaning and sensuality, published on 14. March 2018 self-published
Publisher: be-oh Marketing GmbH;
ISBN: 978-3-200-05503-2
Pages: 286
Price: € 33, -
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Around 90 hotels in many European countries have joined forces BIO HOTELS together. Since the founding of the association in the year 2001 holistic solutions have been developed in the hotels: in all houses, the best food is used - of course from organic farming, real materials and in networks, which cause more common good in the respective regions. BIO HOTELS stand for mindfulness and new visions, in terms of sustainable business. You can not see much right away, but you can taste and enjoy it! A presentation of our houses, offers and much information about the pioneers of eco-tourism in Europe can be found at

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