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"POWER PLAY" Trailer - A Greenpeace Documentary | Greenpeace Australia


'POWER PLAY' Trailer – A Greenpeace Documentary

🍿 REGISTER NOW to attend the FREE exclusive online premiere of 'POWER PLAY: Transforming Australia's biggest climate polluter' – A new documentary by Greenpeace. Thursday 9 December at 6pm AEST: 'POWER PLAY' is a story about hope. It's a story about collaboration.

🍿 REGISTER NOW to attend the FREE, exclusive online premiere of POWER PLAY: Transforming Australia's Biggest Polluter - a new documentary from Greenpeace. Thursday, December 9 at 18:00 p.m. AEST:

"POWER PLAY" is a story about hope. It's a story about collaboration. And it's about how Greenpeace, along with a diverse group of people and organizations, have taken on – and won – Australia's biggest polluter.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the strategic campaign against AGL and its leadership team; challenging the company's false clean and green image, turning away its customers, threatening its funding sources and convincing its shareholders to take action, in the most dramatic transformation in Australian corporate history.

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