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Pilot project examines photovoltaic roof for the motorway

As part of the "PV-SÜD" project cluster headed by the AIT, a research project is examining the practical suitability and the added value of roofing the road with photovoltaic modules to generate solar energy in the street.

An essential “PV-SÜD” project goal is the analysis of the effects beyond solar energy generation and includes the investigation of the properties of components of the traffic infrastructure such as road surfaces, noise barriers, bridges or retaining walls as well as traffic safety.

Project manager Manfred Haider from the AIT Center for Mobility Systems: "The PV roof is intended to achieve the following goals in particular: (1) energy generation through photovoltaics with the help of suitable PV module technology, (2) flexible use in the high-ranking road network, (3) increasing the Durability and preservation of the surface properties of the road by protection against overheating and precipitation, as well as (4) additional noise protection. These requirements should be checked in terms of technical feasibility and economic feasibility and verified on a demonstrator. From the analyzes of the concept phase and the measurement data from the demonstrator, we hope to gain valuable knowledge for the future use of such photovoltaic systems in the DA-CH region. "

Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash


Written by Karin Bornett

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