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Organizations need more information about circular economy

Austrian stakeholders are becoming more and more aware of the importance of circular economy for their own field of activity, but they would like more information about it. The RepaNet "Crash Course Circular Economy" on January 27.1th offers an opportunity to improve one's own level of knowledge.

In the study published in March 2021 "Companies on the way to the circular economy" of the Circular Economy Forum Austria, representatives from different economic sectors as well as from politics, education and society were asked about the circular economy. The focus was on Austrian perspectives and challenges for organizations as well as the level of knowledge and expectations of stakeholders.

Circular economy: more than recycling

The relevance of the circular economy came out clearly: 83% of respondents indicated that circular economy will play a role for their organisation, while a full 88% believe their organization can contribute to the circular economy.

And although 58% of those surveyed said they were familiar with the concept of the circular economy, 62% said they needed additional information on the topic to be able to face the potential and challenges - from managers to employees*. It is also significant that 49% understand the circular economy to mean classic recycling.

RepaNet webinar fills knowledge gaps

The topic of the RepaNet webinar is that circular economy is much more and, in addition to waste management, also affects product policy, raw material policy, social policy, economic policy, social policy, infrastructure policy, environmental policy and much more "Crash Course Circular Economy" on January 27th. The webinar offers the ideal opportunity to update your own knowledge of the circular economy. Register now and discuss the topic with recycling management expert Matthias Neitsch (RepaNet Managing Director)!

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To the study "Companies on the way to a circular economy"

To the RepaNet webinar "Crash Course Circular Economy" (January 27.1.2022, XNUMX)

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