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Ode to the world savers

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At the moment, pragmatically speaking, things look rather bad for our climate. Here are a few lines about how small things can make a big difference.

So often you hear from all sides that each and every one of us can work against our climate situation and all the problems that go with it, and that we should make the world more livable for future generations. However, since our society only wants to convert a little effort into the greatest possible success, broad participation in the good cause is becoming more and more important. This is where the little world savers come into play.

In the mornings, like so many others around the world, I try miserably to peel myself out of bed only to face the ice cold truth - the shower. The first climate-neutral items could make their appearance here in the bathroom. The best example is a hand soap, because it serves as an ideal replacement for shower gels in disposable packaging. Another gadget that absolutely has to be mentioned is a recyclable, CO2 - neutral toothbrush made of bamboo or wood. For me as a user there is no additional effort that I would not have when cleaning with a conventional plastic toothbrush. In addition to reusable cotton pads and menstrual cups, there are many other products that fulfill the benefits of ordinary products at least as well and are just waiting to be (re) used. I don't have to struggle - just look a little longer in the drugstore and - in the long term - my bank account also benefits from it.

But what impact can these small decisions have?

Mankind has already found that plastic, while cheap, is neither 100% biodegradable nor environmentally friendly. In addition, even developers and manufacturers of the artificial substance rely on the inventiveness of sustainably polarized people, because the raw material crude oil, which at the beginning never ends, is slowly drawing to a close. Furthermore, plastic often has a short useful life, as the products tend to be brittle and appear unaesthetic after a while. Furthermore, environmentally friendly substitute products can also relieve the animal world, as the release of so-called microplastics and plastic in general into the sea is prevented, so that turtles can glide unhindered through the water and seagulls can fly without rubbish in their stomach.

The little world savers are definitely worth considering switching to more sustainable everyday goods. And as long as you at least take part in the “Zero Waste” movement with a clear conscience, you can't go wrong. As Albus Dumbledore once said: "Much more than our abilities, it is our decisions that show who we really are."

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Written by Laura Wiedemayer

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