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One person - many rights?

We've all heard of it many times Human rights heard. But what do they mean? Are they all of our business? And what are they supposed to do? Since this topic is very close to my heart and there should be more clarity in this regard, I am happy to answer legitimate questions in detail.

What are human rights anyway? Human rights are part of the foundation of a dignified life. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity,” is the important first point addressed in human rights. Everyone in this world has the same rights, regardless of whether they are corpulent, slim, tall, short, dark or light-skinned, regardless of religious and ethnic origin, gender, appearance and sexual orientation. From a philosophical point of view, there are many approaches why the points listed are important for moral reasons. Freedom is also an important aspect that applies to everyone individually. How long have human rights exist? In my opinion, it should always exist. On a trip back in time, however, not all people saw it that way. In the Second World War, the cruellest thoughts became reality anyway, National Socialism ruled the world. However, exactly after this time, in the end, behind the terrible deeds, insight came into play: Every person should be able to fulfill the values ​​of being human, be allowed to live in peace and be entitled to enjoy freedom. The moral correctness is an important key point here is the UDHR, the general declaration of human rights, which deals with the individual contents. It contains, among other things, the right to life, food and health, education, the prohibition of torture and slavery and was published by the member states of the United Nations on December 2, 10.

Since every coin has two sides, this chapter also has a dark one. Although an admirable number of people, both public and private individuals, are guided by human rights, there are disappointing incidents almost every day in which these are violated. The number of events is spread across the entire world population, but predominates in developing and emerging countries. The incidents not only include genocides, death sentences and torture, but also points that leave very severe emotional pain, such as involuntary sexual acts, rape, oppression and forced labor. Quite a few people committed deeds which they partly regretted and partly not. And especially when it comes to human rights, it is sad to have to mention these acts. I think the golden rule, "What you don't want what people do to you, don't do it to anyone else" is quite appropriate. It gives off a meaning that makes you think. Think first, act accordingly.


Politics plays a major role in this context, the population is influenced and partly depends on different opinions. Crimes have different motives, but often it is political movements that prompt people to take the next step. A current example shows the big refugee issue, which is also present in the media. Not everyone can live their rights as they are actually due. People have to cope with their everyday life under impossible conditions and ask themselves the same question every evening: How do I get by tomorrow? Other examples include China, the country with the highest execution rate, and North Korea, which perceives torture methods and the death penalty as everyday occurrences.

We for everyone

For us, human rights start with a small group. How do we deal with others? How do others treat us? Quite a few people before us were able to make changes, even if they looked rather nondescript, they performed miracles with their deeds. Worth mentioning are people like Mahatma Ghandi, an icon of Indian independence, Eleanor Roosevelt, the "First Lady of Human Rights" and Nelson Mandela, a man who campaigned against racism. Accordingly, the topic concerns each of us, we can all contribute to a harmonious coexistence, but we also have to fight for our rights. So I appeal to the inner values ​​of every individual who reads this, which help to realize the desire for human rights. It should be a logical consequence of living together to comply with the rights and to comply with them. Maybe for someone a small but big dream will finally come true.

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Written by Lisa Huppertz

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