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One million signatures against animal testing

One million signatures against animal testing

The EU citizens' initiative (EBI) "Save Cruelty-Free Cosmetics" has reached one million signatures. An enormously important step for “laboratory animals”.

Together with more than 100 other animal protection organizations, the ASSOCIATION AGAINST ANIMAL FACTORIES as part of the EU Citizens' Initiative (EBI) Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics for the implementation and strengthening of the EU animal testing ban for cosmetics and for a Europe free of animal testing a. The initiative recently reached a gigantic milestone. One million citizens vote against animal testing and for the animals.

VGT campaigner Denise Kubala, MSc, is happy about the huge success, but emphasizes: The ECI can only be signed for 4 weeks and we urgently need to keep collecting signatures. Because experience has shown that votes will be lost as a result of the validation process, we need significantly more than the million. The bigger the cushion, the sooner we can make real change and the clearer our message to the European Commission.

More than 90% of drugs that are proven effective and safe in animal studies ultimately fail in human clinical trials. They turn out to be ineffective or even dangerous. If successful, the ECI has the potential to bring about a much-needed shift in research and chemical safety strategy in the EU. Animals, people and the economy would benefit from the establishment of advanced, animal-free research methods. Despite the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics, animal testing is still being ordered by the authorities for cosmetic ingredients. The EBI calls for the implementation and strengthening of the ban to finally ensure that no animal has to suffer anymore for cosmetic products.

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Photo / Video: Cruelty Free International / Carlota Saorsa.

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