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Nicky - Let's finish the work we started | Oxfam GB | Oxfam Germany


Nicky - Let's finish the work we started | Oxfam GB

Nicky is a passionate activist for women's rights who, after recently moving house, updated her will to include a gift to Oxfam. Find out more here https: // w…

Nicky is a passionate women's rights activist who updated her will with a gift to Oxfam after her recent move. Find out more here

Nicky speaks eloquently about the power of this gift for many generations to come. “I'm really happy that I not only leave everything behind to my family, but also do something for people I don't know. Right now it's so important to show a love and care for people you will never meet. It is a great pleasure. "
Let's finish the work we started. As an Oxfam supporter, you believe that fighting for a fairer world is worth it. A gift in your will could help people who share your values ​​to continue fighting for this world in the future. As long as you need it. Together we laid the foundation. We have shown the world what can be achieved. So leave Oxfam a gift in your will - and give the next generation a chance to finish the job they have started.



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