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NetzAmWerk - A good PLACE FOR EVERYONE and yet NOT for everyone

All-round entanglement, total networking and network tangle. The chance of success through flooding of offers and information is on everyone's lips and in everyone's mind - incessant, limitless and meaningless, without a real purpose or meaningful goal ... 

That is the "one".

The "other" is what is actually needed, is actually useful and makes sense in the long term - equally for those involved and for their private and professional (living) environment, especially since this can make a globally significant difference. The “other” is a functioning network of helpful connections and (business) beneficial contacts that support each other synergistically, preserve what is good and enable better things. At the same time, it fulfills the task of continuously counteracting verifiable destructive developments in the (world) economy and society (s). 

A pony farm utopia ?! 

Are networks of this kind, with this intention and ethics, a wishful thinking? What would it take? How could such emerge, gain strength and reach and finally set new standards?
The answer is: Such binding networks can only develop and assert themselves if we regard the world population as a world COMMUNITY that has to share a planet and its exhaustive resourcesSo only if we implement common, fundamentally recognized ethical values ​​in business, industry and society, in which there are no predetermined losers.
So it's a pony farm! 

The 17 global SDGs * - Transformation into the new reality

The global 17 SDGs - no plastic, clean electricity, clean water, enough food

This statement still sounds utopian, but it contains a certain simple logic, especially - if you think the thought through to the end - when ALL those involved can benefit from these cleverly built social connections and economic associations - economically, ecologically and personally. 

By continuously realizing and achieving the already Global goals for sustainable development adopted by the UN in 2015 along the entire value chain, the path to a comprehensive and cross-national transformation has already been outlined. These sketches now have to be repainted, so to speak, filled in and turned into a 3D reality.

* SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals

The idea of ​​a "NetzAmWerk"

A template that can help to realize such a complex “painting in 3D” is the establishment and expansion of a solidarity “NetzAmWerk” for economic business synergies. This functions and acts as a kind of “useful safety net” that supports each other and enables equal opportunities for companies. Incidentally, such a net is amazingly tear-resistant and steadily gains strength through personal commitment, free breath and the sustained ambition to create real connections on a good breeding ground - sometimes more closely connected, there in a more loose relationship to one another.

Either way, these carefully established contacts are adequately maintained and understood as a jointly established “work community”. It is an alliance that feels real, can give support from time to time and is based on the ethical conviction: 

Respectful mutuality, solidarity-based thinking and fair action in terms of mutual economic success. And why is that correct in every case?  

Because EVERYONE is entitled to a “GOOD LIFE”.

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