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Lützerath is everywhere: our livelihoods are being mercilessly dug up

Lützerath coal brings profit

Lützerath is cleared so that RWE can mine more lignite. That brings a good profit for RWE, but "the burning of coal under Lützerath is not compatible with the 1,5-degree climate target," says Greenpeace.

"The coal seams under the village are particularly thick, up to 280 million tons of CO2 would be emitted if the entire amount were burned."

The taz continues: "RWE makes real money: The Handelsblatt calculates additional profits of one billion euros for the group by 2024."!5903446/

The oil sector's staggering gains of $3 billion a day over the last 50 years

A study shows that the global oil and gas industry has extracted $50 billion in profits from humanity every day for the past 2,8 years. That's an insane amount of money - you can buy any politician in the world with it.

The “carbon bombs” that will trigger a climate catastrophe.

The big oil and gas companies are planning a whole series of huge projects that threaten to blow up the climate target of 1,5 degrees Celsius.

Together, these projects would emit 646 gigatons of CO2, eating up the world's entire carbon budget. If governments don't act, these companies will keep cashing in while the world burns.

Oil company boss chairs the upcoming climate conference COP28

The chairman of the Emirati state-owned oil company ADNOC, Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, will chair the COP28 world climate conference in Dubai as president.

Oil company Exxon recognized climate change decades ago but denied it for a long time

In 2015, investigative journalists discovered internal company memos showing that oil company Exxon had known since the late 1970s that its fossil-fuel products could lead to global warming with “dramatic environmental impacts before 2050.”

In contrast, Exxon's public communications have raised doubts about man-made climate change.

The "Last Generation" warns of scientifically based risks

The climate protectors say nothing other than thousands of scientists in several IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports: If global warming rises above 3°C, we are threatened with irreversible catastrophes such as droughts, floods, the collapse of large parts of agriculture and the flight of millions of people People.

Eight climate activists of the "last generation" have to remain in preventive detention in Munich over Christmas.

Why are the activists of the “last generation” and the occupiers of Lützerath called “terrorists” and why are they being arrested as a preventive measure?

If we don't fight back, our livelihoods will be mercilessly eroded!

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Written by Klaus Jaeger

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