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Lights on for human rights 2021 | Amnesty Germany

Lights on for human rights 2021

Under the motto “Lights on for human rights”, Amnesty International will be showing around 10 December, the international day of human rights, in parallel in ...

Under the motto “Lights on for human rights”, Amnesty International will be showing large-scale projections in public space in up to 10 cities across Germany with messages, information and images on the day of human rights and the Letter marathon.

The aim is to raise awareness for human rights, send small signals of hope and encourage people to participate.

With the 2021 Letter Marathon, Amnesty International is calling for justice for ten courageous people and organizations. This year they include the Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan (张 展), who is imprisoned for reporting on the spread of COVID-19, and the environmental activist Bernardo Caal Xol, who is imprisoned in Guatemala for opposing himself in his country the destruction of a river begins, as well as the Mexican women's rights activist Wendy Galarza, who was shot twice by the police.

The letter marathon has changed the lives of more than 2001 people at risk for the better since 100. The campaign, launched by Amnesty International, takes place every year around Human Rights Day on December 10th. Around the world, people write millions of letters, emails, tweets, Facebook posts and postcards in support of those whose human rights are being violated.

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