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IPCC: Earth no longer habitable for humans by 2100 | VGT

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been working with scientific meticulousness for 35 years to predict which human behavior will have which climatic effects with which consequences. The synthesis report March 20, 2023 is clearer and more dramatic than ever. If humanity does not limit its emissions of greenhouse gases, the effects of climate change will become increasingly catastrophic by 2035 and by 2100 the earth is expected to become uninhabitable for humans.

In Austria, too, there are already increasing numbers of deaths from the heat in summer, a drought that is spreading dramatically, leading to water shortages even in the Alps, and extreme weather events, the extent of which was previously unknown. But even this outlook does not rouse those responsible from their lethargy. On the contrary, parties that put climate change into perspective are showing gains in the elections. It seems humanity is taking refuge in the collective denial of reality and rushes unchecked to self-destruction. As the synthesis report clearly explains, there are many possible courses of action. The main pillars mentioned are the expansion of wind and solar energy, the protection of natural ecosystems, reforestation, the move away from fossil fuels and the switch to a “sustainable, healthy diet” (ie as plant-based as possible).

VGT Chairman DDr. Martin Balluch emphasizes: Humanity is indeed at a turning point. Authoritarian systems fight democracy and displace civil society, which is so important for progressive change. Increasingly, more and more circles are knowingly spreading fake news and conspiracy theories in order to sow doubts about the urgently needed, objective scientific analysis of the status quo, which falls on fertile ground for those who want to change as little as possible. More than a third of the population belongs to this camp, and the trend is rising. With common sense and a bit of goodwill, we could pull the emergency brake. For example, as the IPCC synthesis report shows, living vegan would be a totally simple and at the same time huge step in the right direction. But no, we bury our collective heads in the sand and pretend that none of this is any of our business or that climate change doesn't exist. Our children and grandchildren have to pay for it. They will despise us for our total failure.

German translation of the main statements of the report

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