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International Day Against Child Labour

Next Monday, June 12, 2023, is International Day Against Child Labour. An important date for the protection of children's rights, considering that 160 million children worldwide still have to work, often under exploitative and disease-causing conditions.

In our project work on site, the protection and strengthening of working girls and boys are central, so that their rights – including health and education – are protected. At the political level, we actively advocate that (supra)national regulations are developed with the involvement of those affected. Just last week we celebrated an important success together with our alliance partners: A European supply chain law was passed in the EU Parliament, which will protect children and young people more effectively from exploitation through more accountability and responsibility in global supply and value chains.

But this milestone is not enough. Our demands are only met when there is no more exploitative child labor. We need broad public support for this! Sign the petition, because your vote counts too!

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Written by Kindernothilfe

Strengthen children. Protect children. Children participate.

Kinderothilfe Austria helps children in need worldwide and works for their rights. Our goal is achieved when they and their families live a dignified life. Support us!

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