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How would it be with?

An ode to reading. Or: What if we celebrate every new day with a few pages read. 

Immerse yourself - in words, sentences, images, thoughts, landscapes, languages, creations. Immerse yourself - in stories, foreign countries, sources of inspiration. Emerge - from monotonous everyday life into a colorful universe. Reading is, can read, must read.

The alarm clock rings, it is a metallic ring. How is that possible, this automated sound from the mobile phone? The right hand taps to the intelligent device. One button and it's over.

The longed-for silence returns. Fortunately, it was on airplane mode. Otherwise the flood threatens. Whatsapp here, Facebook there and the world in constant decline in the news sections.

Instead: the decisive grip on the stories cast in words, immortalized on paper. What does a day that started with a few pages of a book promise?

The promise of a mental journey early in the morning or finding oneself in the here and now. The possibility of a carefree start or the promise of another world into which one can still escape. Love, friendship, solidarity, empathy, hope. You are ready here.

The eyes wake up quickly, the spirit follows suit. A play on words here, the joke follows, the melancholy continues, the poetic words don't disappoint. Emotions, thoughts, ideas shaken up. It is not just the body that has to stand up.

Lying down, sitting, standing, walking. The pleasure can be committed in many ways. But it has to happen, otherwise each side will make a promise that has been refused, even rejected.

In a time so crazy: the world, the people, the thoughts. How dare you? Just a little bit, bit by bit, side by side, tomorrow after tomorrow?

Something for every taste. Whether Olga kills Helmut or Alja meets her Otto. Whether Denis is going on a trip or Hugo is cheating on his wife. Whether in New Zealand or Sankt Pölten, on the beach or in the village. Whether invented or proven, then or now. Whether short phrases or long sentences. Whether Times New Roman or another font. There would be something for everyone.

Let yourself be guided, let yourself go Sometimes there is insight, sometimes there is clarity. Sometimes sorrow, sometimes pain. But hope can lie in the next few pages, they are ready.

How would a world be that celebrates the beginning of the day like this?

Let's try it. Not much can go wrong. And then let's share our new mornings. For a new future in perfection.

Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

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Written by Milena Maria

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