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How important is protection to us?

How important is the protection of children to us

Protection against illness, cold and storms or protection against violence are just a few basic needs that we humans all share. An important commonality that we can reflect on in times when the changes and the tumultuous events in the world keep making us think or doubt.

But how conscious are we to reflect on these really important things in life? And how are children especially, the many dangers completely delivered defenseless are?

Because the number of child laborers is skyrocketing around the world: around 152 million children between the ages of five and 17 work, 73 million of them even under unreasonable, dangerous conditions. Often they toil in mines and quarries, on coffee and cocoa plantations or in the textile industry. In addition to economic exploitation, girls and boys are often exposed to physical, emotional and sexual violence.

In Bihar, one of the most flood-prone areas in India, children in particular are at risk of food insecurity and dangerous diseases. In Lebanon, girls and boys have to cope with the traumas of flight and war they have experienced under devastating circumstances, and in South Africa extreme poverty and HIV / AIDS determine the development of numerous children in the slums.

To the children in India , South Africa and the Lebanon Kindernothilfe seeks protection and education, but also the possibility of a self-determined life, for its projects urgently patronage. As a sponsor, you support children in acute emergency situations and enable them to change their lives sustainably.

Photo / Video: Kindernothilfe | Jacob Studnar.

Written by Kindernothilfe

Strengthen children. Protect children. Children participate.

Kinderothilfe Austria helps children in need worldwide and works for their rights. Our goal is achieved when they and their families live a dignified life. Support us!

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