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Happy Holidays from the GLOBAL 2000 project Chernobyl Children

Happy Holidays from the GLOBAL 2000 project Chernobyl Children

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Here you can see a very special digital greeting from our children from the Chernobyl children project. He should gladden your heart. Because at this time around Christmas and the turn of the year, don't you wish that everything would turn out well in the new year? Our video should bring joy and give confidence.

The animations come from our Christmas “Angel cards”, which little cancer patients from our partner hospital No. 16 in Kharkiv designed especially for you. To say thank you for your loyal support.

You can purchase the 5 different tickets in exchange for a donation for our children's aid project as an angel package directly on our website at

The child's voice that you hear in the video belongs to one of the little artists. She thanks you personally in her mother tongue, because perhaps your contribution gave this little girl the chance of healing and thus hope for a better future. Keep playing the angel and get the matching pack of cards. The children thank you.

IBAN: AT40 2011 1822 2084 4704
Password: angel package

PS By the way, the background music of the video (known as “Carol of the Bells” now in the world) is an old Ukrainian folk song “Shchedryk” arranged in 1916 by the Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych.

Concept and idea: Lidiia Akryshora, Head of the Chernobyl Children project 
Organizational support: Vlada Evseeva, Ukrainian psychologist in Kharkiv 
Animation: Alina Khorolska, Ukrainian animator and motion designer 
Corrections: Astrid Breit, Christina Stampf, GLOBAL 2000
Music: instrumental arrangement by “Schchedryk”


Written by global 2000

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