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Green oases in the city: on facades, balconies and roofs

The Austrian Green Market Report presents a detailed collection of facts about the greening market in Austria. In addition to the development of the market, the strategies of Austrian cities for adapting to climate change and promoting building greening are highlighted on 230 pages, various types of greening, their costs and services are described , as well as important trends and fields of innovation ”, it says in the broadcast of the innovation platform GRÜNSTATTGRAU of the Austrian association for building greening (VfB).

VfB President Gerold Steinbauer: “1.000.000 m² of green roofs, 40.000 m² of green facades and 4.000 m² of inner wall greening, which are installed annually in Austria, are future-oriented measures for adapting to climate change. In order to maintain and improve our living conditions, especially in cities, investments in green infrastructures are necessary. These will also create thousands of new jobs. "

Green facades and roofs improve the climate and provide a habitat for insects. Private individuals can also create small green oases on the balcony or on their roof terrace. On the Side of Grünstattgrau you will find comprehensive information about the funding and possibilities of urban greening and building greening.

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