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Global Climate Strike - Sept. 24, 2021

global climate strike

“On March 15.3.2019, XNUMX, for the first time in the whole world there was a strike for the climate. Because we are running out of time, because we are in the greatest crisis of mankind, because it will be us, the young generations, who will have to pay for the consequences of today's inaction. "

Global climate strike of Fridays for Future

Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, USA, Austria - 213 countries on all continents are already striking for their future! Join us as we join the global climate strike:

8th Global Climate Strike - September 24, 2021

»We demand radical environmental protection measures in accordance with the 1,5 ° C target!«

Now it goes on - the global climate strike - and a new record of events and participants is to be set. The current dates for Austria:

Global climate strike: The events can be found on the Map of FFF

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Impressive: Find the global promotions in more than 1.200 cities around the world.

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