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Forced happiness with nationwide mobile communications as the primacy of German politics

Those responsible in business, politics, administration and the media are adamantly sticking to their narrative that nationwide mobile communications are needed throughout Germany. Risks and side effects are hidden. Criticism is countered with bogus arguments, half-truths, distorted presentation of facts, embellished scientific reports and professional PR. One can and must speak of directed propaganda here.

What ultimately drives these (un)responsible people, the greed for even more profit or whatever the reason, one can only speculate. – But the methods used are obvious on closer inspection:

Targeted disinformation as "enlightenment" of the population

Quote from a letter from the government:
... However, parts of the population are still skeptical about the electromagnetic fields generated by mobile communications and the establishment and expansion of mobile communications sites. Critics and actors warn of supposed health risks and thus fuel concerns about mobile communications, although according to the current state of science and research there is no reason for concern. This public debate is opposed to the idea of ​​a mobile phone coverage that is as comprehensive as possible 

It is therefore important to focus on the social benefits of mobile phone networks at an early stage and to counter prejudices, false facts and the formation of myths with factual clarification and thus create the necessary acceptance for the expansion ...

The fairy tale of the radio hole

Again and again the media publicly complains about how bad the network in Germany is. Germany is portrayed as a developing country, constant disconnections, dead spots everywhere, especially when you leave the cities, poor mobile phone coverage on national roads. In order to use mobile Internet, it is better to go to neighboring countries and so on.

But – where are all these dead spots?? Unfortunately, in reality they are almost never found. Where are the places where you can really switch off nowadays? - All the electro(hyper)sensitive people are desperately looking for places where they can still live...

There are practically no "white spots" in Germany anymore, you can use your mobile phone anywhere. If so, then there are only a few isolated exceptions in underground car parks, elevators and narrow gorges.

What really doesn't work well everywhere is mobile internet. But let's be honest: Can you really do good research on the web or even films, sports broadcasts, etc. - with video on such a mini screen? Is it worth paving settlements and countryside with even more transmitters and producing even more unnecessary electrosmog??

The fairy tale of the fun hole

Since certain gentlemen are probably not going fast enough with the "paving up", authorities have even been installed here that are supposed to close "dead spots" where it doesn't pay off for the private sector.

The Madness Authorities

Caution - citizens' consultation hour!

The mayor and the municipal council (city council) invite you to a citizens' consultation hour. It is about the planned expansion of the mobile network in the municipality (city) area. "Experts" are invited to "inform" the citizens.

However, these experts are representatives of the mobile network operators and the authorities responsible for the expansion, and the most "neutral" is the representative of the consulting company for site reports...

The representatives of the operators then tell you all the great things you can do with the technology and how important this is for Germany as a business location. Or they seriously compare mobile phone radiation with sunlight...
The representative from the Funklochamt then tells what funding programs there are for expanding the cell phone network in rural areas.

The representative of the State Office for Environmental Protection (LfU) explains that mobile phone radiation is quite harmless, that the limit values ​​protect us and that at best there are only problems with people who use their mobile phone for hours all day long....

Questions from the citizens present regarding critical studies that point to problems caused by pulsed microwave radiation are answered evasively and with counter-questions. Those affected are presented with a cold smile as hypochondriacs (placebo – nocebo), as phobics or something else from the diagnostic box of psychology.

Attention - citizens' consultation hour!

Discrediting critical scientific studies

Those responsible in industry and politics, on the other hand, know very well about the risks and causal relationships of electromagnetic fields and diseases influenced by them. However, they don't act on it - Why?!
With precisely this knowledge, critical scientific studies that prove the harmfulness of mobile communications & Co are made "bad" according to all the rules of the art. The highest quality standards are set here, which are not always easy to meet.

It is then simply concluded that there is no "scientific evidence" that would indicate an effect below the thermal threshold...

On the other hand, these standards are not set for your own studies, here any scrap is accepted, the main thing is that the result says that the radiation is harmless...

About the evaluation of scientific studies or the corrupted science 

Because they know what they are doing

Discrediting and criminalizing critical citizens

Argumentation emergency at the BfS: 83% of the population are worried about the radiation from mobile phone masts. Is it now time to say goodbye to the last bit of proper education and risk disposal through infotainment and marketing?

Study by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection explains the problem to the thinking citizen.

Critics of the mainstream, of the general narrative, such as the expansion of mobile communications, are often referred to as aluminum hat wearers, conspiracy theorists, etc.

Discrediting 5G-critical voices & influencing municipal decision-makers 

It is usually despotic regimes that try to silence critics by criminalizing them. They are terrorists, class enemies, traitors to the fatherland, counter-revolutionaries, subversive elements, etc. One is very inventive about all the things one can accuse critics of...

Our state is therefore doing itself a disservice if it dismisses these people across the board just to avoid having to deal with the arguments. A democracy must be able to endure different opinions!

There is an internal EU paper in which 5G is considered so important that critics such as doctors, scientists and activists should be prosecuted for spreading false statements.
5G opponents are presented in this paper as a "health hazard". They would have to be fought with all means of the law enforcement authorities….

– Where did we get to?!?

Outrageous treatment of critical and therefore uncomfortable citizens

Alleged online dialogue by the government turns out to be purely a promotional event

When the federal government large an online dialogue announced, I guess a lot of people were hoping that the government would seek a "dialogue" with citizens about 5G...

Unfortunately, all of these were disappointed. The whole thing turned out to be a gigantic advertising event for 5G and therefore received harsh criticism from many quarters.

Minister Andreas Scheuer praised artificial intelligence as the solution for the future and everyone, the then Minister for the Environment, the President of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) and the Chairman of the Radiation Protection Commission (SSK) are promoting 5G together, in line with the interests of the industry.

And this whole event is financed with tax money, i.e. our money...

There is no real discussion here, critical inquiries from citizens are always answered with the same empty phrases about "safety according to the state of scientific research" and overly critical contributions are deleted because of "spreading false statements" or "violation of netiquette". ...

The word "DIALÜG" was even mentioned...

"Germany talks about 5G" turns out to be purely a promotional event

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Written by George Vor

Since the topic of "damage caused by mobile communications" is officially hushed up, I would like to provide information about the risks of mobile data transmission using pulsed microwaves.
I would also like to explain the risks of uninhibited and unthinking digitization...

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