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Fire Drill Friday with Jane Fonda and Rep. Ro Khanna | Greenpeace USA


Fire Drill Friday with Jane Fonda and Rep. Ro Khanna

It is a very busy and profoundly important moment in Washington DC as the congress works to move forward the build back better bill and invest in our count ...

It is a very busy and deeply important moment in Washington DC as Congress works to move the reconstruction bill forward and invest in the future of our country. Jane sits down with a climate champion and progressive leader @Rep. Ro Khanna to discuss what is really going on in Washington and how we can keep pressure on our leaders to end fossil fuel subsidies and address the climate crisis.

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About the guest:
Congressman Ro Khanna is proud to serve as Representative for the 17th District of California. Ro was elected to Congress for his first term in 2016. As a Silicon Valley representative in Congress, Ro is a progressive capitalist who pioneered technology policy and job creation, and worked across the aisle to get multiple bills passed. Ro has been named as the most likely Democrat to get former President Trump to sign a bill that went into effect during the Trump Administration 5. In response to the deepening economic crisis, Ro led the largest government investment in science and technology since the 1960s, the Endless Frontiers Act, which invests $ 250 billion in science and technology centers in the United States. As chairman of the oversight subcommittee on the environment, Ro has stood up for the environment, held polluters accountable and called for an end to fossil fuel subsidies. During his tenure in Congress, Ro has worked to spread the plethora of high-paying digital jobs to areas of the country left behind by the digital revolution, and has partnered with Silicon Valley tech companies to create professional training programs in states like Iowa, South Carolina and Mississippi to rebuild the middle class.

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