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EU supply chain law: broad approval in the population | Global 2000

In Brussels, a new European directive on corporate due diligence with regard to sustainability (EU Supply Chain Law) is currently in the final phase of negotiations in the European Parliament. If this directive comes into force, all member states would have to implement it in national law within two years and thus oblige all corporations and banks operating in the EU to identify, minimize and prevent human rights violations and also environmental and climate damage along their value chains.

“Particularly against these planned climate commitments, there was strong headwind. It has been scientifically proven that climate goals can only be achieved if there is also a drastic reduction in emissions and a change towards more sustainable management in the economy. Voluntary initiatives are no longer enough. Through clear legal requirements, we create fairer conditions for those companies that are already trying to work sustainably and oblige everyone else to finally follow suit. Climate destruction must no longer be an economic advantage!” says Anna Leitner, expert on supply chains and resources at GLOBAL 2000.

A new survey carried out in 10 EU countries (including Austria) on behalf of the EU campaign “Justice is everybody's business” now shows a strong majority in favor of anchoring such due diligence for climate protection in EU law. 74% of the Austrians surveyed spoke out in favor of mandatory emission reduction targets that could limit global warming to 1.5°. Banks and financial institutions in this country also want 72% to be held responsible for the actions and damages caused by companies in which they issue loans or in which they invest. In the other countries surveyed, the results are similar and show EU-wide support for climate due diligence. “The survey clearly shows: Stricter regulations are necessary and desired by citizens so that corporations and banks are held appropriately accountable along their entire value chain. They must not continue to operate at the expense of people and the planet. The EU supply chain law must not be watered down under any circumstances, on the contrary, it must be tightened up so that it actually obliges companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions!” demands Leitner.

Broad support from civil society

In addition to the survey, over 200 leaders and civil society organizations have one Stellungnahme signed, calling for "a strong EU law capable of tackling the climate crisis and ensuring climate justice". Organizations such as Fridays for Future Austria and Südwind have signed the letter in Austria. The letter comes ahead of a key vote on the draft law by MEPs on the Legal Affairs Committee in the European Parliament, which is expected to take place at the end of April and the subsequent plenary vote at the end of May.

Statements from the supporting organizations:

Friday for Future Austria:
Fridays For Future is committed to a climate-neutral and socially just world. Corporate climate due diligence is an important step in making this world a reality. Because large corporations in particular play a key role in the climate crisis due to their high greenhouse gas emissions and massive environmental destruction. Strong EU legislation can put an end to this - for climate-friendly and fair trade across national borders.

south wind:
When it comes to sustainability, more and more companies are promising heaven and earth. In order to give greenwashing no chance, a strong EU supply chain law that includes climate protection is needed," says Stefan Grasgruber-Kerl, supply chain expert at Südwind. “Climate justice is the central issue of our time. Global corporations in particular must be held accountable here.

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