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Energy Charter Treaty remains incompatible with Paris Climate Agreement | attack

The 53 member states of the Energy Charter Treaty, ECT, have recently presented an agreement for the revision of the treaty. The aim of the EU was to bring the ECT in line with the Paris climate agreement. But the EU clearly missed its target.

Revised treaty will continue to empower fossil fuel companies Sue states through parallel justice for billions if new climate protection laws threaten their profits. The contract is even to be extended - for example to hydrogen, which is currently produced from almost 100 percent fossil fuels. (Details in the attac press release)

The EU states have tried unsuccessfully for years to make this climate killer treaty climate-friendly. We demand the immediate exit of Austria and as many EU states as possible from the treaty. This is the safest way to protect yourself against further corporate lawsuits to protect against the energy transition.

It was only on June 21 that the Spanish government called on the EU to withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty because it jeopardizes the EU's climate goals. On June 22, the Dutch parliament also called on the government to exit. Italy has already withdrawn from the contract.

Photo / Video: attac.

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