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Discrimination against EHS sufferers on public TV

Presentation of electrosensitive people as psychos and conspiracy theorists on ZDFinfo

n the ZDF Info program "Conspiracies: Climate lies, plandemic and 5G", which was broadcast on Friday, August 4.8.23th, XNUMX, the risks of digitization for democracy were downplayed and electrohypersensitive people were discriminated against as psychotic.

As part of the six-part documentary series "Conspiracies - The Truth of Others", In Episode 5, the opinion that digitization and 5G threaten total surveillance is referred to as a conspiracy theory. People with electrohypersensitivity (EHS) who attribute their illness to radiation are portrayed as imaginary sick people.

This approach can only be described as dubious journalism, which uses the findings from sociology and political science on the consequences of digitization and big data as well as research on the effects of mobile phone radiation in political documents such as the reports on technology assessment by the German Bundestag and the Technology impact committee STOA of the EU parliament ignored

This show plays down the anti-democratic risks of digitization, ignores the current state of research on mobile phone radiation and discriminates against electrohypersensitive people.

The editors responsible for this series use populist means here, which they actually want to question critically.

The narrative of harmless mobile communications and the blessing of total digitization is spread here without reflection, in the spirit of the digital industry. Instead of also looking at critical research, the thermal dogma represented by politics, industry and authorities, which is the case with electromagnetic fields (e.g. mobile phone radiation), if there are only problems with excessive heating, and this would be prevented by the applicable limit values...

A scientific view similar to the dogma of the Catholic Church on astronomy around 1600, when it was still claimed that the sun orbited the earth...

And so damage caused by the pulsed microwave radio signal far below this thermal threshold is ignored. In the meantime, over 600 studies have been translated and evaluated that point to the risks

The suffering of those affected, such as the former radio and telecommunications technician "presented" there, who has become severely electrosensitive due to his professional past, is dismissed with flimsy attempts at explanation from psychiatry.

In addition, this man is involved, among other things, in an obscure sect that has taken on the subject of electrosmog and electrosensitivity. 

Exactly this is eagerly taken up in the program in order to be able to present these EHS sufferers as conspiracy theorists. And this is then also transferred to all other affected people...

Instead of really questioning things critically and trying to clarify connections, only a psychologist who is quite inexperienced on the subject is interviewed here.

So one begins to ask oneself, who are the real conspirators here?

Affected people who join forces with sectarians because they are taken seriously there after being abandoned by politicians and authorities?

Or journalists who report in the way that an industry worth billions wants? It is precisely this industry that defends its business model with all means, just like mineral oil and tobacco companies...

If you dismiss all people who critically question the "official" narrative of a blind faith in progress and technology as conspiracy theorists, you only further promote the division of our society, which you supposedly want to prevent...

Good, critical and independent journalism that is based on facts and not on wishful thinking is important and indispensable for a vibrant democracy!

But reports like this are counterproductive, tendentious and seem more like bought propaganda. You can expect better from public broadcasters. Otherwise one begins to doubt the point of broadcasting fees.

Such superficial, sloppily researched and biased journalism need not be surprised if it is called the "lying press".

The consumer protection organization diagnose:funk has quite rightly lodged a program complaint here:

diagnose:funk files a program complaint about the ZDF program "Conspiracies: climate lies, plandemie and 5G".

 ALL are asked to send angry letters to ZDF:


No curds!!

Quarks – Post mocks electrosensitives

Unfortunately, such reporting is nothing new on public TV, so the science series Quarks published a contribution on May 04.05.2021th, 5 with the title: "XNUMXG - Revolution or Danger?"

Here, too, one did not shy away from labeling those people who suffer from increasing electromagnetic environmental pollution as hypochondriacs and psychos.

The applied test setup with fake transmission units and background noise can only be described as manipulative. Such clumsy methods are supposed to suggest to the general public that damage caused by radiation is only imaginary? In any case, this has nothing to do with serious science!

Otherwise, too, people tend to rant about technical progress rather than explaining the risks. This whimsical comparison of sunlight and cell phones only proves that the presenter either has no idea about radio technology or deliberately wants to take the viewers for fools. Exactly the same arguments are used in the presentation of critical studies as are also used by representatives of the mobile phone industry to play down the whole thing and to talk it up.

Also, when operators are looking for new locations for radio masts, it is only presented positively, it is only the fears that people get into. The self-experiment in nuclear spin shown here is also to be regarded as dubious at best.

Have you dropped any claim to serious education and are now running uninhibited mobile phone propaganda? - In any case, such programs do not help to convince people of the quality of public service reporting, quite the opposite, people are almost driven into the arms of so-called "alternative media".

If reports about disabled people (eg wheelchair users) and their problems were reported in this way, this would – rightly so – result in a storm of protests across Germany, if not even internationally, and those responsible would have to ask uncomfortable questions.

If Mr. Caspes really wants to prove that mobile communications are harmless, this should best be done personally by constantly exposing himself 365 days / 24 hours to everything that the limit values ​​allow: Up to 200 W /m² in the frequency mix according to the new guidelines of the ICNIRP. And should neurobiological damage occur at some point, he can then refer himself to psychiatry, since this damage does not exist and he is only imagining it all...


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Written by George Vor

Since the topic of "damage caused by mobile communications" is officially hushed up, I would like to provide information about the risks of mobile data transmission using pulsed microwaves.
I would also like to explain the risks of uninhibited and unthinking digitization...
Please also visit the reference articles provided, new information is constantly being added there..."

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