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Digitally spied on, monitored, robbed and manipulated

Abuse of power, control and subtle influence are the downsides of digitization

They try to make the “blessings” of technology palatable to us by all means. The risks and side effects, on the other hand, are kept secret.

However, the technology with which we are supposed to be delighted is already showing its downsides, such as total surveillance and control as well as multiple possibilities for manipulation, and much more

The more digital, the more surveillance

Super bug smartphone

Word is slowly getting around that smartphones are “superbugs”. However, the fact that smartphones that are switched off can also be used for total surveillance may be new to some. The devices are hacked with an encrypted SMS, then you have a "state trojan" on it, and the secret service always has access to the camera and microphone, and the whereabouts and movements of the user can also be observed very precisely.

The fact that many mobile phones continue to use outdated and vulnerable encryption technology when surfing the web is also often exploited here. This vulnerability was probably installed on purpose...

If you are system-critical, it is best to refrain from using mobile phones, smartphones, iPhones and the like!

More and more competencies for security authorities

The police, secret services, public prosecutor's office, etc. are being given more and more rights by politicians, laws are being rushed through in a hurry. Personal rights, data protection and privacy are being increasingly undermined. You hear about special software like Palantir or Pegasus...

With an amendment to the German ID card law and the underlying EU regulation, all citizens are to be forced from August 2, 2021 to have the print of their left and right index fingers saved for new ID cards. This puts all citizens under general suspicion, as if we were all criminals.

traffic monitoring

Cars are increasingly becoming data slingshots on wheels, automatic license plate recognition is being installed on more and more gantries, and the number of cameras in public and private areas is increasing more and more.... 

Automatic face recognition 

With the advancing development of artificial intelligence (AI), automatic face recognition is also becoming more sophisticated. Soon you won't be able to cross a public square without being captured by a camera. The captured images are then analyzed and interpreted by the AI ​​- this is how you can then identify the people in the images.

"smart" devices

One can confidently assume that all smart devices, whether TV, refrigerator, vacuum robot, language assistants like Alexa anyway, can also be used for monitoring and control. These devices, which the electronics stores are so aggressively selling to us, are the purest data slingshots. As a rule, they collect intimate usage data without the knowledge of those affected and also pass it on... - goodbye to data protection!—und-hat-eine-warnung-32781992.html

Just replace “smart” with “spy” in all the great neologisms and you really know where you are:

  • Smart Phone -> Spy Phone
  • Smart Home -> Spy Home
  • Smart meters -> Spy meters
  • Smart City -> Spy City
  • etc…

The more digital, the more surveillance

Data protection? - Security? – The internet as a paradise for digital thieves…

hacker attack

It is grossly negligent to connect everything, absolutely everything, to the Internet, as is planned with the Internet of Things (IoT). You even have to search to get devices that are not "smart". Anything that is connected to the Internet can also be accessed by unauthorized persons.

Especially inconspicuous devices, such as a smart toaster, can be the gap through which hackers can penetrate a system from outside. Wireless networking in particular not only entails increased exposure to radiation, but also opens the floodgates to hackers. In most cases, a "cooked" smartphone is enough to penetrate WLAN networks...

This happens in public space, in companies and authorities, but also in private individuals...

Investing in a smart security system for their home got a couple in Milwaukee (USA) into real trouble. Since the technology was networked via WLAN, a hacker could penetrate the system from outside and turn the dream of a secure home into a nightmare.

ttps:// wird-1909-144122.html

In companies where money lures, the attacks are increasing, even IT security companies, so professionals are not immune to their systems being hacked, as Solar Winds, Kaseya and MS Exchange prove. What about securing sensitive and important infrastructures such as electricity, gas and water supply? What about traffic control systems & telecommunications? – What happens if there is a hack here? There are already attacks on authorities and on sensitive infrastructure!

In Germany, the attack on an agricultural machinery manufacturer made the headlines, nothing worked there for 2 weeks...

On the one hand, data is spied out and, on the other hand, it is very popular to smuggle in encryption software with which the company's data is made unrecognizable, and only after payment of a ransom is a key handed over to make it readable again.

Risks of telemedicine

Here it is risky to put highly sensitive data, such as patient files, on a cloud server that can be fished out at any time via the Internet. As long as these systems are not yet mature and the security gaps are not yet completely closed, you should keep your hands off something like that - but tell something like that to a responsible person in digital frenzy...

Global cyber attacks

Artificial Intelligence AI

Surveillance, control & manipulation are becoming more and more perfect - Big Mother & Big Brother

data octopus

The big corporations ensnare us with more and more convenient technology, making us less and less independent in order to be able to better assess and manipulate us as consumers. Instead of a "Big Brother" who strictly controls us, there is the "Big Mother" who relieves us of everything that is tedious and relieves us more and more of our personal responsibility in an illusory world of happy consumption.

In addition, with all the “smart” technology, people are becoming more and more “transparent”. More and more data is being collected from individuals, stored and linked to digital profiles. In the course of supposed convenience, opportunities for self-expression, etc., we provide more and more personal data. Everything that is posted on social media, what is recorded when surfing via google & co, what the smartphone forwards in terms of usage and movement data, together with data from online purchases, with data from "smart" assistants and everything else we leave digital traces, stored and automatically linked and analyzed using state-of-the-art computer technology (AI).

So Big Mother knows more about us than we do ourselves and offers us to fulfill wishes that we didn't even know we had... - A very successful business model, but the resulting hyperconsumption is ruining our planet. – “smart” here is at best the way we are being manipulated here…

Alexa: How powerful is Amazon? | WDR documentary

Here one should stick to the motto of the following book:
"Shut up, Alexa - I don't buy from amazon!"

Dealing with your own privacy

Back in the 1970's and 80's there was still an awareness of civil rights and privacy. People considered their privacy sacred, today the most sensitive data is simply put online on facebook or instagram, the main thing is a lot of likes & followers...

With such behavior you really give the "data octopuses" food...

The pinnacle are language assistants such as Alexa or Siri, with which people put veritable "superbugs" in their homes. Just to be able to command the "genie in a bottle" via voice command like a magus from the Orient to announce the current weather report, switch on the light, play a certain music or to place orders...

It is irresponsible that digitization and data protection are left to the discretion of private, for-profit companies. If we are not careful here and take countermeasures, we will soon have the "transparent" citizen or the "transparent" consumer.

What we urgently need here are “transparent” companies and, above all, “transparent” politics. - Otherwise we get a surveillance state ruled by corporations, compared to which George Orwell's "1984" and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" are a child's birthday party...

"Those who sleep in a democracy will wake up in a dictatorship!"

"Arguing that you don't need privacy because you have nothing to hide is like saying you don't need freedom of expression because you have nothing to say."

Edward Snowden (Source:

Thoughts are free - but are being manipulated more and more!

You can see in China how something like this can look like

What happens if instead of a "caring" Big Mother we get a power-obsessed Big Brother? It is a fact that security and law enforcement agencies have access to this data. The corporations work very closely with these bodies. Even without "official" approval, such bodies have the know-how and the necessary equipment to obtain the desired data in this way. In the US and other “Western” democracies, reference to national security interests is enough to induce companies to cooperate. In authoritarian countries like China, orders from those in power are enough...

Every resident is obliged to carry a smartphone with them so that they can be located at any time. In addition, more and more camera systems are being installed that work with automatic face recognition. These systems are now so mature that they have an extremely high hit rate. There are even already payment systems on this basis...

The interaction of all these systems (mobile phone surveillance, automatic location, cameras, etc.) enables almost complete control, at least in urban centers. There is also a system of social control that rewards appropriate behavior and sanctions inappropriate behavior. – This may sound tempting at first glance, better crime prevention, compliance with rules. more mutual respect, etc. The only question is, according to which criteria does this system work? Who sets these? What is considered good and what is considered bad behavior?

In addition, these evaluations on a 'digital pillory' can be viewed by everyone immediately on large public screens... This leads to people subjecting themselves to 'self-censorship' so as not to attract attention. But this 'scissors in the head' kills everything that is unconventional, crazy and with it the creativity with which one finds unusual solutions to problems...Unfortunately, it has also been shown time and again that systems based on power and control are becoming increasingly common Use the means at your disposal to control and manipulate the population and thus steer it in the desired direction. This ensures that the citizens don't even get stupid ideas...

In China, people are now even going so far as to equip the children in school with headbands that record the EEG data.

learning control

This data is used to evaluate students' attention and reactions to the lesson. Different colored LEDs on the tires provide the teacher with initial information about the students, and there are also statistical evaluations on the screen in the desk.
Heat sensors can be used to determine the temperature of the brain and the corresponding camera systems can interpret the facial expressions of the students...
Of course, the teacher is also monitored in relation to the content and quality of the lessons and the reactions of the students to the teacher...

A Joseph Goebbels would probably ask a totally manipulated crowd these days:

"Do you want total digitization?"

Picture sources:

Big Brother by MasterTux on pixabay

Octopus from Gordon Johnson on Pixabay

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Written by George Vor

Since the topic of "damage caused by mobile communications" is officially hushed up, I would like to provide information about the risks of mobile data transmission using pulsed microwaves.
I would also like to explain the risks of uninhibited and unthinking digitization...
Please also visit the reference articles provided, new information is constantly being added there..."

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