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Coworking only for women - a new trend on a global level

Coworking only for women - a new trend on a global basis

Empowering and promoting women entrepreneurs

The concept of Sharing Economy has been welcomed with open arms around the world. Coworking spaces make up a large part of this trend: They are highly regarded as an alternative to conventional offices and are increasing in number. The world currently has around 582 million entrepreneurs. Many of these people work on a freelance basis, belong to a start-up or put together specialist teams who have a common goal in mind. For the self-employed, digital nomads, SMEs, contractors, etc., communal offices are an extremely important workplace resource.

Coworking spaces are expected to have 2022 million members by the end of 5,1 - it was only 2017 million in 1,74 - and thus undergo a significant process of change.1 Although there are controversial opinions on the subject, coworking spaces that are only open to women have Recently received a lot of attention and won numerous supporters.

According to the 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses report published by Forbes, the number of women entrepreneurs has increased by 1972% since 3000. Women prefer entrepreneurship for two main reasons:

  • Greater flexibility in scheduling working hours. Many women want to combine their careers with a fulfilling family life, which is often difficult for employees in 9-5 jobs. Women who are their own bosses typically have more control over their future planning and can turn their career dreams into reality faster.
  • Self-actualization. Women often want a job that completely fulfills, inspires and challenges them; they want tasks with which they can identify on a professional and personal level.

The fact that the percentage of companies founded by women is constantly increasing has created coworking offices in many cities that are only accessible to women.

Such office space offers a supportive environment for female professionals who can finally collaborate with people on an equal footing. For a long time, women had to find their way in the business world created by men. Many of them have adapted well, but others still feel like a foreign body in their industry. Since being an entrepreneur can sometimes be quite lonely, coworking spaces offer the opportunity to join a warm and welcoming community and to express your own creative energy.

The most prestigious coworking offices for women in focus

Coworking spacesthat are open exclusively to women aim to optimally cater to the needs of their target audience. In other words, many of the aesthetically designed communal offices have special facilities for single or new mothers. In addition, the tenants can enjoy beverage stations, conference rooms, private work cubicles, showers and changing rooms, fitness rooms and much more.

Such coworking offices attach great importance to the community.

In order to promote the friendly coexistence of the members, the landlords offer a number of events - including yoga classes, lectures by influential entrepreneurs, training programs, workshops and activism events.

Women-only coworking offices abound in the USA, because this is where the whole movement originated. The first office of its kind was called the Hera Hub and opened its doors to women in the San Diego, California area in 2011. This was followed by other coworking spaces such as evolveHer, The Coven and The Wing, which adopted a similar concept.

The female-centered coworking centers are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

For example, there is another Hera Hub branch in Sweden's strategically positioned city of Uppsala. The London workspace Blooms was specially designed for women (which is clear from the interior design alone), but men can also sit there with their laptops.

The market for coworking real estate has also become firmly established in Germany. The Coworking_IT_d The trend here is still in its early phase, but the continuous expansion of communal office space offers promising opportunities for office fitters and potential tenants.

The first coworking space for women was created in Berlin and is called CoWomen.

The lovingly furnished office offers ambitious entrepreneurs who are always looking for new inspiration and motivation a comfortable place to work. Tenants felt not only supported and understood on a professional level, but also on a personal level. The positive atmosphere and comfortable equipment make a significant contribution to career success. There are also other coworking spaces that are specifically aimed at women, such as Wonder, Femininjas and COWOKI.

If you dare to think outside the box, you will also find comparable coworking centers in other countries such as Austria, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It is often the successfully managed coworking spaces that open new branches in various European cities after a certain period of time.

Why should I prefer coworking to working from home?

Building a company is a big challenge and seems all the more difficult if you don't have a solid base. Working from home can be a good option in certain cases, but many people working from home struggle to stay focused and focused. The threat of isolation is another important point - many entrepreneurs crave a certain routine and a social environment that can only be found in offices.

Many women are interested in working in an environment that is not dominated by men. Studies suggest that women surrounded by other female entrepreneurs are more successful in the long run. The working environment, which is perceived as very pleasant, ultimately has a positive effect on self-discipline, motivation and organizational skills. Coworking spaces for women have been on the market for many years, but are facing increasing demand. As the female-centered coworking offices encourage tenants in every life situation, they quickly find the perfect balance between work and private life.

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