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Cold-hearted Chancellor: Private initiative denounces Austria's politics

Cold-hearted Chancellor Private Initiative denounces Austria's politics

A 230 m2 fire wall on Linke Wienzeile is one of the most prominent advertising spaces in the country. As of today, there has been a huge picture of Chancellor Kurz - with a cold heart. The picture is by Gerhard Haderer, one of Austria's most pointed artists, known for his haunting drawings and political caricatures. Haderer is making this work available to the “Courage - Courage to Humanity” initiative exclusively and free of charge. Thanks to the support of private donors, it can now be presented in one form.

"Sad anniversary"

Haderer and the “Courage” initiative want this large poster to be understood “as a silent protest action” against the cold-hearted politics of the federal government. The date of the unveiling was chosen deliberately, because exactly half a year has passed since the fire in Moria on the night of September 8th to 9th, 2020. “In the past six months, the situation of the people there has continued to deteriorate. Instead of rescuing families from the slum camps, the government promised 'help on the ground', but it still hasn't arrived. A sad anniversary ", says Katharina Stemberger from the “Courage” initiative.

Photo / Video: APA | Haderer.

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