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Inhale, exhale - The Wim Hof ​​Method

Is it possible to control the immune system by breathing? Are diseases preventable? How strong is the will over your own body? 

Wim Hof ​​deals with these and many other questions. Many people know him as "The Iceman", who set many records: he took, among other things, the longest ice bath in the world or climbed 2009 the summit of Kilimanjaro in two days, wearing only short shorts and shoes. He is known for enduring extreme cold and claiming that every person can do what he shows in his records.

Anyone who hears about him in the media might think: he's crazy! Some also ask: how does he manage that? This "madman" developed a natural breathing technique, also called "Wim Hof ​​Method", which was even tested by scientists. With deep inhalation and low exhalation, he sets the body into a hyperventilating state within 20-30 minutes. The simple method consists of three components: cold therapy, breathing and engagement. Those who are interested can try this technique at home - it works best in the morning after waking up.

How does the Wim Hof ​​method work?

  1. Cold therapy: Through the therapy grows among other things, the brown adipose tissue, weight is reduced, reduced inflammation, equals hormones, improves sleep and produces endorphins, which improve the mood.
  2. Breathing: Breathing has an incredible potential. Increased oxygen levels provide more energy, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system.
  3. Commitment and Will: This is the most important component of the three, because mastering the method and seeing results requires patience.

Advantages of the Wim Hof ​​method:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve Mental Health
  • Increase athleticism
  • Freed from stress
  • Better sleep
  • Strengthening the will
  • Increase concentration
  • Fight depression
  • Burnout recovery
  • Combating various diseases
  • Asthma Management
  • Improvement migraine
  • creativity
  • Improve cold tolerance

Breathing tutorial with Wim Hof ​​at home:

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Photo by Martin Balle on Unsplash

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