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Blue City: Rotterdam is switching to the circular economy

Rotterdam. Rotterdam has had a lot of space since Europe's largest port left the city. Start-ups that make the economy more sustainable are settling in vacant industrial buildings. The Blue City has moved into a former swimming pool in a prime downtown location. Here young companies are working on the circular economy of tomorrow, the “blue economy”. One's waste is the other's raw material. 

The city supports the restructuring of the economy. She helps with the greening of the numerous flat roofs, builds rubbish bins out of scrap metal and has painted her garbage trucks gold: "We don't collect rubbish, we collect treasures." You can find my reports from the city of the future here. You to listen to and here. to read.

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Written by Robert B. Fishman

Freelance author, journalist, reporter (radio and print media), photographer, workshop trainer, moderator and tour guide

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