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Biodiversity Week from 13.-24. May: Exploring native biodiversity

Biodiversity Week is celebrated every year around the "International Biodiversity Day" on May 22nd. With more than 100 partners, a colorful round of various nature experience events will take place again this year. This year you can also take an active part: with the “Species Diversity Contest” the nature conservation association between May 13th and 24th to experience the fascinating nature on your own doorstep, a variety of observations to share and thus contribute a part to the research of biodiversity in Austria.

With around 67.000 species, nature in Austria is one of the most diverse habitats in all of Europe. But which mammals are there in Austria anyway? In which federal states can you marvel at praying mantises? Is the cardinal back? And: are there "migrating" plants? Such questions can now be answered thanks to hard-working citizen scientists. Since there is hardly any data on distribution and occurrence for many animal and plant species in Austria, science relies on hobby researchers. The data collected in this way are incorporated into research and various conservation projects and form the basis for distribution maps. In this way, those interested in nature make a significant contribution to research into the diversity of species in Austria.

Biodiversity contest: expand knowledge and gain

Insects on the balcony, butterflies in the garden or wild flowers in the forest - great identification aids (identification books, posters, ...) will be raffled off among all those who share their observations between May 13th and 24th. Whoever shares the most spectacular observation wins an exclusive excursion with a respected biodiversity researcher.

Events all over Austria

Between May 13th and 24th, a wide variety of events by more than 100 partners take place, where you can get to know and experience the biodiversity. Whether excursions, guided tours, online events or webinars: there is sure to be something for everyone here! The diverse calendar of events for young and old can be found here..

Preserve and promote biodiversity

Biodiversity describes the biological diversity of plants and animals, their genes and the equally rich habitats. This abundance of life not only makes ecosystems more resistant to external influences. With wild bee nesting aids, natural habitats, the renunciation of poison and the promotion of native plant species, you can create a space for diversity in your own garden.

The platform has set itself the goal of collecting occurrence and distribution data of animals and plants in order to derive scientifically justified nature conservation measures. Subject matter experts validate every single sighting to ensure high quality. In the forum you can learn exciting things about projects and can also exchange ideas with other nature lovers. For two years now, the platform has also been available as a free app of the same name, with which you can enter messages quickly and practically while on the go - so go out, discover and share!

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