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Dear Diary,

today is October 1st, 2120 and I spoke to my grandmother. She told me a lot about animals and about her favorite animal, the polar bear. I had no idea what kind of creature it was, so she showed me some photos.

It is a majestic animal and I was wondering why I had never seen it in the zoo before. My grandma told me that the polar bear became extinct about 50 years ago. I didn't know exactly what that meant: "extinct". She explained to me that these are animals that either lived in poor conditions, were hunted or mutilated and thus had no more opportunity to produce offspring. At first I couldn't breathe when I heard that.

I couldn't imagine how anything could be harmed to animals. But when I thought about it more carefully, it occurred to me that my grandma used to talk about her real fur coat. So I asked her how this came about.

A dozen animals were killed to make two to three coats. However, most manufacturers claim that they prefer to use the old and sick animals. Even if I think about it again in the evening, I keep coming back to the fact that you have to help animals that are doing so badly. You can't just claim animals for yourself and do whatever you want with them.

I should be sleeping now, but I can't yet. I keep thinking about how to help these animals. While I was thinking about it, I started googling a bit.

Dear diary, today is October 2nd, 2120. Unfortunately I fell asleep yesterday, but I found a few organizations that protect animal welfare and the extinction of animals, such as the WWF and Vier Pfoten. I showed it to Grandma today and she was thrilled that I was so interested in it. We went to an organization for endangered animals together and when we got there, a man welcomed us with a species of snake that only exists five times in the world!

I was able to experience so much all today and I am glad to have seen such exotic and wonderful animals. For my future I have decided to inform my friends about the “Red List of Animals” and to work to ensure that it does not get any longer.

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