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Abortion and the Supreme Court


Abortion in the United States is a much discussed topic. There are basically two sides: "Pro-Life" and "Pro-Choice". Lately the "Pro-Life" group has been trying to really close abortion clinics and make abortion illegal, or at least much more difficult, for women. Abortion cases are mostly discussed in the Supreme Court. Where a crucial decision could change US law for years to come.

After Ruth Ginsburg's death, Trump quickly announced a new judge: Amy Coney Barrett, a devout Catholic 48-year-old woman with 7 children. In the past, she has been criticized for her views on same-sex marriage and abortion. Coney Barrett studied at a Catholic university, where he once wrote in an article that "Abortion is always immoral" and should be banned. Although Amy said she would not let her personal beliefs influence her political decisions, “pro-life” groups still celebrate Trump's decision, believing that with Amy Coney Barrett's nomination, the likelihood of being restricted in abortion will be much higher is higher.

Since his election, Trump has brought three judges to the Supreme Court, all three of whom have "anti-election" views. Trump promised that only "Pro-Life" judges would be nominated under his presidency. Because of the quick nomination, the president has been harshly criticized by many members of the Democrats as the Republicans rejected President Obama's decision 9 months before his final election. With next month's election, Trump has still decided to self-nominate the next member of the Supreme Court, even though he may not be the next president. 57% of Americans think the new president should decide, but the people's voices might not be heard soon enough.

Why is the nomination so dangerous for many Americans?
Abortion has been legal in all states since 1973. This was demonstrated in the seminal Roe vs. Wade decided. A lot has changed since then and now the Supreme Court justices are 6 Conservatives and 3 Liberals. Since conservatives are against abortion, it is very likely that abortion will be banned again.
This is a big problem for any woman as abortions are still performed but are no longer legal. This will make them unsafe and many women will die. The new judge also brings other problems: Amy Coney Barrett is against Obamacare, the only one in America that is moving towards a free health system. Since Trump wants to get rid of that, the conservative majority in the Supreme Court will likely help him with that.

Please vote on November 3rd and choose wisely what kind of future you wish for the United States!

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Written by Leonie Holzbauer

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