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A dream - a sea without rubbish

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It was the day before New Year's Eve, at least in my dream. Everyone was looking forward to 2020, some celebrated, some suffered. There were enough resolutions. Also last year. But putting something into action was something completely different. Apart from the impending din of the countless fireworks, it was for me, the perfectionist and animal lover Adan, who had to take the train from Jacksonville to Wilmington on weekdays like today, a day like any other of the year. Instead of working somewhere in the office, I found it more sensible to do something for the animals in the ocean by clearing the ocean of all dirt. Many years ago I decided to work in an organization that works to preserve the ocean. My preference for the ocean came from the fact that I am a professional surfer and I want to do everything I can to keep the sport I love most. On some beaches in my city it is no longer possible to surf, let alone lie on them, because they are so dirty that you can't see a single square meter of sand. I wanted to prevent something like that, so I decided to fight it.

I was looking forward to today. I was allowed to go out to sea with the organization's only, but very promising, boat and collect the rubbish there. I usually clear the trash on the beach, but today I got the chance to clear the ocean from the trash. My colleagues and I tried to fish out heaps of rubbish with a huge net. Successfully. After a while, the once empty container was full to the brim. The day couldn't have gone better, I thought to myself, because, like my colleagues, I got a day off after the assignment. New Year's Eve was approaching. I was very happy that I got the day off, but I knew full well that New Year's Eve wasn't all about partying, drinking and having fun. The fireworks not only made a lot of noise, but also left a pile of rubbish, both on the beach and by the sea. But others have to pay for it, namely the animals in the ocean.

7 hours after New Year's Eve I was on duty again. I was completely tired because I couldn't get enough sleep. How, just because New Year's Eve was over didn't mean people stopped lighting their fireworks. Even now at the ocean, far from the city, you could hear the firecrackers exploding.

After a while the riot slowly came to an end, as did my working day. Half a meter more rubbish stuck out of the container than could fit in. An exhausting, but nevertheless successful day, I thought to myself. On the way back I saw something strange in the water. It didn't seem like trash or any wreckage. With a well-founded guess and a lot of courage, I decided to go over to see what it was. I discovered a dolphin, trapped in wooden sticks lined up one behind the other, so that it was unable to open its mouth, let alone dive underwater. His right fin was caught in a small net and he could no longer move it properly. Immediately and without much talk, I grabbed the dolphin's body to free it. As always, I had my pocket knife with me just in case, and with it I freed the dolphin from all the trash and the net and released him into freedom. My colleagues watched with wide open eyes and enthusiastic eyes. The dolphin jumped around happily and disappeared slowly and singing into the horizon.

At the end of the day, my friends and I were happy that we had once again done something good for the ocean and its animals. To go to bed in the evening with the feeling of having done something good for this planet was indescribably beautiful. The next morning my alarm clock rang - louder than ever. My mother called: “Lukas! Breakfast is ready. Hurry up, school starts at 7:45 am. ”I got ready and it wasn't until I met my friends at school that I realized that it was all just a dream that maybe should have been a reality. Because as it stands, people don't seem to have understood until now that the ocean has no place for garbage and people's selfishness.

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Written by Tino0541

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