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SYLTSE No.6 is here!

Dear authors! Dear readers! Dear supporters!


With articles by almost 50 authors and artists from Europe, the literary newspaper for Difficult thoughts & careless agents, again poems, 

Short stories and other exciting, touching literary spheres. Not only to the tenders flat, raisin u. curves_toads_candelabra, made 

the authors set to work, but there is also good readable information about the war in Ukraine!


Like the previous years, SYLTSE is available to download online, free of charge or against free donations. You can order the current one print edition HERE

Or look at the website below Order or Subscription. Of course you can also write an e-mail or a letter by post.

For donations from which SYLTSE lives, in addition to subsidies for printing costs from the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport,

thanks here:  Donation

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Stephan Tikatsch

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IBAN: AT45 2022 1072 0114 5914




All authors who made it into issue 6 will be informed separately.


It may, can, should be sent in for the coming year 2023!

The topic is freely selectable.

Closing date May 31, 2023




Oh yes:

! SYLTSE is quietly celebrating its 5th birthday!




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Written by Stephan Tikatsch

Stephan Tikatsch
*05.08.1974/2017/XNUMX in Vienna. Poetry, music, painting, photography and much more Published in European literary newspapers and anthologies. Founded the literary newspaper SYLTSE in XNUMX.

Recent Releases:

sfd animals, 2022, poem: cold shell
Anthology "365 Days of Love" by experimenta, poem (untitled) ... speak freely, 2022/23
Anthology "Yearbook of Poetry" by the AG Literature, poem: Nothing like tomorrow, 2022/23
"Valerian", yearbook of Austrian poetry 2020/21, poem.
"Make way, you traffic light men", AUSREISSER Nr.:97, 2020/21, text image.
"And again no title", sealing ring no.: 57, 2020, lyrical short prose
"blindkohlekopie", volume of poetry 2019.

Poetry School Special Prize 2022, Track 5' - Let's try it

He lives and works in Lower Austria.

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