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Mega gas project endangers whales I Send a protest email now! #australia #nonewgas #greenpeace | Greenpeace Germany

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Help us and send a protest email to the Uniper CEO:

Despite all the resistance, the associated delays and major financial losses, Woodside has started drilling for gas off the coast of Western Australia. Unfortunately, the “Scarborough” sub-project is making strong progress.

In order to complete its mega gas project “Burrup Hub”, the energy company wants to continue on an even larger scale almost 1000 kilometers north-east. In the so-called “Browse” part of the project, the species-rich Scott Reef is in acute danger due to the planned gas extraction.

Uniper – how far do you want it to go? How long do you as Woodside customers want to support this destruction?

The start of the “Browse” project can still be stopped. Help us and send a protest email to the Uniper CEO:

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