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Germany's first solar filling station at a school | Greenpeace Germany

Germany's first solar filling station at a school

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The energy transition does not stop at the school gates either. The Hirtenweg special school has now put Germany's first electric wheelchair charging station into operation.

The Hirtenweg special school in Hamburg-Othmarschen has long been part of the Schools for Earth community. When participating in the Climate Lab school development program in the 2022/23 school year, the idea of ​​having their own solar filling station was born. The students wanted to make a contribution to climate protection together with their school.

Many of them rely on an electric wheelchair for their mobility, and the batteries need to be charged daily. The batteries of the so-called talkers, tablet computers used by children with speech impairments, also need to be plugged in regularly. With the new solar charging station, e-wheelies and talkers can now be charged with solar energy.

Some students also helped out at the inauguration ceremony. They took the lifting platform up to the roof of the solar filling station to install the last solar module together with the craftsmen. In total, the new solar filling station consists of ten modules on the roof of a container classroom, which feed the solar energy into a storage unit of around six kilowatts. A display on the filling station shows how much electricity the system produces with sunlight.

The Greenpeace education team and the Greenpeace environmental foundation are supporting the school community in the realization and construction of the facility.

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