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Germany's first mental health café

"Talking about the psyche is something for memmen!" - so many still seem to think about mental health. Mental health can be considered just like physical health - for example, you can be physically or mentally impaired due to an inheritance or a sudden injury. In order for this injury to heal properly, it is helpful for many to see a therapist - just as you would go to the doctor if you had symptoms for longer. This simplifies the healing process and makes life easier. 

Today, despite the taboo, you learn a lot about the psychological stress of the psyche: terms like burnout, depression, fears and stress are common in everyday life. Statistics also prove the relevance of the topic: according to one Publication of the DGPPN annually “more than one in four adults in Germany meets the criteria for a fully developed illness” (2018). It is said that mental illness across the European Union can be equated in frequency with other common diseases such as high blood pressure. It may not feel that way to many, but mental illness has long ceased to affect the minority.

It is all the more surprising and problematic that the human psyche is still associated with a stigma. Few share personal experiences. A café for an exchange about mental health in Germany? That would have been unthinkable a few years ago. But in December 2019 the first mental health café was opened in Munich: namely the “Berg & Mental Café". Here, cozy rooms are offered for people to relax, exchange and inform. There are goodies, a pleasant atmosphere, workshops and seminars. The opening of a second café is currently being attempted due to the high demand. But the café should not only be a contact point for those affected, but for everyone - after all, everyone has a psyche.

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