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For World Bee Day 2024, the Bee Saver Box is now also branded

May 20th is World Bee Day again. For this occasion, the bee rescuers from Salzburg have once again come up with something special. From now on, the Bee Rescuer Box is not only available to private individuals, but also branded for the B2Biene sector. This means that companies can also take responsibility and save bees as partners of the bee rescuers.

Since 2020, the young Salzburg company Bienenretter, led by project manager Jacqueline Huber, has been dedicated to saving bees and insects. Seasonal bee saver boxes are sold for this purpose. With the proceeds, the bee rescuers not only finance the creation of new habitats with wildflowers for these endangered species, but also assume social responsibilityThe bee rescuer boxes are lovingly filled, packaged and shipped by hand by various integrative companies such as Lebenshilfe, Frauenanderskompetent and, in the future, Diakoniewerk. 

B2Biene for corporate gifting
On the occasion of World Bee Day 2024, which will be celebrated on May 20th, the Salzburg start-up is now going one step further and is now also offering the Bee Rescuer Box branded for the B2Bee sector. In this way, local companies can now design their corporate gifting or company and employee gifts sustainably and set a good example.

The bee rescuer box sets a precedent
As part of the “I am a bee saver” initiative, projects are carried out every spring and summer at different schools in Austria, in which children learn everything about bees and insects and create new habitats for the endangered species themselves by using the seed mixtures sowing. “The students make meadows bloom. This is how the smallest among us become great saviors,” says Jacqueline Huber. “For the bees. For our future."

Contents of the bee saver box
With every bee saver box, the future is essentially being given away – in the form of a contribution to environmental protection and social justice. In addition, the box only contains regional and honest products.

  • Bee saver honey from Austria
  • Do-it-yourself projects - suitable for the respective season - such as handmade candles, wildflower seeds, bee hotels, honey muesli, honey cookies from integrative companies
  • changing content every season
  • regionally and made with love

The price: 54,90 euros, including VAT, plus shipping, delivery time 2 – 3 working days

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